Xiu's Trip to the River Safari!!

After what seems like so loooooong, I finally gotta break on a weekend (YES, i need to work on weekend, and YES, i do not have OT pay. T.T) thus, i decided to sit down and blog!!

Sorry Nana, been wanting to blog about soooo many things but everytime after i reach home, my only motivation my bed. I dun even have time to on my computer, let alone blogging??  >.<

Well, to keep the long story short. Some update about myself!! I passed my probation (duh~~~) and had a little increment of $50 bucks which the payroll ppl overlooked for 2 mths before I decided to call them and inform them about the discrepancies. =.= and on 06/06/13, im a proud owner of S4!! haha. thanks for my faithful resurrected-via-the-rice-bucket blackberry smartphone for surviving these 21mth. Kamsahamida!!! with regards to work, i get to realise that in a construction site, anything can happen and things can just change suddenly. like...this this this have to change due to site constraint, that that that cannot be built there due to site constraint etc. well, as i told my bestie, we must survive thru shit to grow, to become a better us. dun worry, im hangin on fine *eventhou i might grumble nonsense at times*

After a looooong planned Sunday off, i applied for the river safari pass from my office @ $10 per card. Guess i din read the t&c properly cus i thot it was free. haha....was quite stunned when she asked me for $10 bucks when i took over the card. but oh well, 10bucks for 4 admission ticket to the river safari? YES! I WAN! GIVE ME THE CARD!

Well, if u have read my cruise trip Part 1/Part 2/Part 3, im out with the 'girls power' team again, which comprises of my mum, sis, niece and me!!

My niece is very excited about the river safari trip cus she knows she will get to see panda. she even tell me that she wans to hug the panda and take a photo with them. i told her its impossible and asked her to dream on. HAHA!!! As we stay in amk, there is a direct bus to zoo via bus 138, thus we decided not to cab there and take the public bus instead ^^

Me and my naughty lil niece on bus 138
The first thing we saw when we reached the zoo, is the mascot of jiajia, kaikai and the red-tail-fox-look-alike. (Pardon me cus i din catch the name). So my niece ran up excitedly and pose to take a photo w them. and when i wanted to take a photo with the mascot, they left!!! T.T guessed their shift is over...oh wells. at least my niece gets to have a picture with them right???

Evonne with the mascots
Girls Power w JiaJia n KaiKai
My niece then saw this crocodile and requested to take a photo with the crocodile. and this is wad she did to the crocodile.... seems like a lil croc hunter, doesnt she?
Evonne, the lil croc hunter
I posted the following photo on my facebook and my fren commented that i became darker T.T, did i? (think i must apply my sunblock more frequently le~~)

Well, a selca of me again~~ haha
Thereafter we spotted a turtle and of cus, we took a photo with it as well!! HAHA!!

Us w the turtle!!
We continued walking and saw this bridge with the beautiful green scenery. now in singapore, its hard to find such nice greenery, thus the need for PHOTO! hahaha. i think my niece likes to take photo also la. i swear i din influence her!!! >.<

Us and the nice greenery
After taking photo with the fake croc, now its the REAL CROC!!!

Terrified us w the gigantic croc behind!
Then we saw another 'croc', hehehe, and there goes the lil croc hunter

the lil croc hunter again
Asked a nice passerby to help us take a family photo!! =D

Family photo!!
Afterwhich we headed towards the aquarium!!

love this shot of her!
two ajuma resting their feet!
Saw this stationary bird standing motionless there, and decided to take some funny photo w angles!! TADA~~
Me poking the bird
Continue on the trial and u will reach 长江。 wait a min, isnt 长江 in china? does it means im getting closer to jiajia and kaikai?? *excited*

Mum n me
My niece and her mum
And true enough, the decoration became more oriental and soon, we spotted THIS!!

Entrance to the giant panda forest!
Entrance to the panda enclosure!! *this way pls*
Before meeting Jiajia n Kaikai, i saw these 2 beautiful animal first!!

Red tail Panda? the fur is rili nice!
the colourful bird?? haha. i din catch the name....
and finally, the STAR of the day!! lemme proudly present to you.....KAIKAI!!

Eat n Eat
As seen from the above picture, basically wad kaikai do everything is to eat and sleep. haha. envious of their life ma?? haha. after admiring kaikai for 15mins or so, we went to queue up for our pic to be taken w the panda figurine!! We only managed to see kaikai cus jiajia is too shy to come out and kept staying in her enclosure area. *pouts*

happy family!

I think we are all hungry after a 2 hrs walk, thus we went to the panda themed restaurant for a bite.
We ordered their specialty, the panda bun and only 200 of them is made everyday!! hehe....

the cute panda bun
i think my eyebag can fight with the panda soon....
yes, i take, she also wanna take...
thanks to this card, im entitled to 10% off for the food!!
Camwhoring starts after im full...and suddenly, my niece just walked over from across the table to join me in camwhoring. haha. tell me that i DID NOT influence her pls.......

me and my round face T.T
Camwhore 1
Camwhore 2
Camwhore 3

Saw another panda figurine!!!!
Welcome to river safari!!!
and my niece took this photo for us!

my very excited niece. dunno whether she is dancing or walking. hahaa.

the underwater world-look-alike-place

she insist that i must carry her....
both amazed at the fishes
the gigantic dugongs which likes to cuddle tgt
Since we have some time left before dinner, we decidd to head back to the panda enclosure area to see if jiajia has come out of her enclosure. we did not manage to see any feeding cus we alway missed the timing by a bit OR there's loading of people surrounding the feeding place and blocking our view. and evonne isnt rili tall eh? haha....

back to the panda enclosure area!!!
managed a shot w kaikai!
eat n eat n eat
then slp!
hahaa...rili envious of them eh, china's national treasure, eat n sleep, eat n sleep, and the routine continues, and their kpi?? to give birth to baby panda. hahaha

photobomb again!!
niece shocked at the fact that they eat 20kg of bamboo a day!!
high 5!!
the only decent shot w jiajia n kaikai! haha
and on our way out, we spotted the mascot again!! this time, im not gonna let them go!! hahaa

us and mascot jiajia
us and mascot kaikai 
Then my sis treated us icecream from ben n jerry!! jiejie wan sui~~~~ hahaha

looks who is more interested in the ice cream??? =.=
This marks the end of our river safari journey!! on bus 138 back again!!!

our tired face!! haha
Overall, the trip is not wasted as we managed to see kaikai, however, one part of the river safari is still under renovation. thus i will strongly suggest for u guys to visit after everything is done. din manage to catch any shows cus i went in the aftn and the timing was abit off. readers, do take note that u require a different admission tix for river safari, its is not tied to the zoo tickets!! overall, i did spend some quality time w my family, which is the more impt part!!

This may sound cliche but home, is where we will always belong. no matter wad happens, ur family members will be the one who will always be there for u. hope evonne understand and learn the importance of family love. keke.



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