My Leessang Cap

I bought a Leessang cap! It was like a little splurge to me hehe. I thought I was going to use it just once, but I've used it SO MUCH since getting it!

Worth my money lol.

Think my style is going towards a more... casual look. Been in office lady attire for too long while working, I feel so stifled looking at what I used to wear!

I've also begun wearing jeans again. These are the burnt orange jeans featured in my first insta haul video! And the cap, of course. ;)

Leessang cap
Polo Ralph Lauren shirt
F21 (?) jeans
Converse shoes
Brown bag from Korea
Claw bracelet (no brand)
I'm surprised but I think I don't look as weird as I thought with a cap on!

It's just... I feel like a terrorist whenever I'm at a train station. Baggy top, jeans, cap pulled down low over my face, standing in one isolated corner...

Cap pulled low because it's too big and keeps sliding down, in one isolated corner because I don't like to squeeze with everyone!

I'm not even such a HUGE fan of Leessang. I just like Kang Gary on Running Man.

He's pretty cool when he's in Leessang and not on Running Man though. A different charm.



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