Our FIRST overseas trip!!!! (Part 1)

Sorry for the long overdue post from our Malaysia trip!! HAHA!! This was quite an impromptu trip planned by me, yours truly, cus my colleague told me that the korean restaurant, Daoroe, sells very nice and authentic korean food at a cheaper price compared to singapore!! So i jio-ed oppa and anna along. and poor oppa, being the only one with car, is our chauffeur for the day!! >.<

And so, off we went to malaysia for that day!! Well, we have been warned that there will be massive jam cus its a looong weekend, thus we decided to go in via tuas checkpoint. And surprisingly, there was no jam at tuas checkpoint!!! But we were proven wrong once we passed tuas checkpoint. We got jammed for 2hrs during that stretch of road, roughly abt 3km(???), from tuas checkpoint to malaysia checkpoint.

As usual, during the waiting time. We camwhore!!

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Poor oppa, once i uploaded the. above photo to facebook and tagged him, his phone began to ring non-stop. And i rili mean non-stop. Suddenly, he just turn and tell me this:
"xiuhua, can you dun tag me on facebook??"

then i laugh out loud. It turned out that suddenly oppa's group chat got bombarded. asking him tons of question like: why bo jio? wah...go out with 3 chicks ar? etc etc

And the funny thing is, there is only 2 girls in the car. one is anna, the other is me. i wonder whose the third? and yah, now its seventh month hor??

and poor anna, got car sick and needed the toilet urgently too. luckily she fell asleep during the jam and me?? i managed to watch an episode of runningman during the jam!! i love my S4!! HAHA.

after i accidentally woke anna up, we decided to take selfie and realise that, HEY! we look quite similar in some aspect? so we took the photo at the same angle. keke. i pinned up my hair so that we look even more alike!! nah~~ do we look alike??

As we continue to get stuck in the jam, we took more photos!!! HAHA!! and recently i fell in love with doing collages cus its jus so fun!! can consolidate a lot of photos tgt and arrange it nicely ^^ Look at the photo below!! nice right?? HAHA...

Ok, i realised this post is getting loooong. will be back soon with Part 2 which i will share about wad we did there!!!

Some tips for u guys. If u dun wanna suffer from leg cramp from staying in the half clutch position for too long during the jam, pls drive an auto car to malaysia!! oppa was complaining about numb leg =X
Secondly, if u wanna go to malaysia from a breather during long weekend, pls be prepared for the jam and set of as early as possible to avoid the jam!! its always good to have some entertainment for the passengers, not the driver thou!! and yah!! dun dress too fancifully!! i think u guys shld have read news on malaysia right, robbery etc. so pls protect urself!!!

Last but not least, a selca of ANNAXIU!! ^^



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