Teehee it's so terrible that we haven't been updating! Sorry!

The boxes have arrived and my family and I have been unpacking like mad. We found quite a few damaged furniture. So inconvenient to have to send in for claims but we must- the whole set of furniture we want to claim for is worth over S$2000!

I've also been busy planning and preparing for my first flea! It was at Lucky Plaza. I really REALLY desperately had to clear off my clothes as I'm quickly running out of space to keep the items that I unpack from the boxes...

And it's such a pity to throw or donate SO MANY. I really counted one portion of all my stuff dumped on the floor during sorting (haha sounds like Harry Potter's Sorting)- easily 200 over pieces. Here's a portion of my stuff at the flea!

My father raised his eyebrows at all that he saw on the day of the flea. Now I'm "highly discouraged" from shopping. T.T lol

Here's a collage that my proud mother helped me make! And here I am, proudly showing it off because she just learned how to make collages! She's also really good at using facebook, Google, eBay and (used to play) Neopets. Haha

I came home with only about 20 pieces! #successkid

Didn't earn much though, I sold items mostly under $5. Some apparel went at $0.50 if someone bought many items, so I had someone buy 11 pieces of apparel from me lol.

And yes, I did manage to cover the booth rental fee. ^^


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