Hi everyone!! Im back~~~

Hi everyone!! Im back~~~ 

Its back to my favorite month of the year, SEPTEMBER!! cus its my birthday month, and also, a month to grow FAT! >.<

My first meal was with my secondary school gang!! well, the 3 of them are one batch younger than me! its just amazingly how fates binds up together!! Me and them are from different batch but 2 of them happen to be in the same CCA and we realised that we stayed in the same vicinity. the other one is my council junior and share the same bday with another one and moved into our vicinity not long after!! sometimes when we're free, we will meet up to play mahjong/bridge!! HAHA!! We had dinner at sushi express followed by dessert at Ben & Jerry!! we have known each other for like 10 over years and i know it will keep gg on. 2 of them have already found their other half and is settling down soon. for the third, she is angel in white!! hope she hook up some handsome doc eh?? HAHA~~

My second treat was from my subcon's director! he is a very nice guy!! he is the most hardworking director i've ever seen, and whenever i need help, i can always turn to him and he will be more than willing to share with me his experiences and stuff. sometimes i look upon him as an idol cus he doesnt have the 'im a director' feel and is not snobbish, and is a very down to earth person! there's a lot i can learn from him! he treat me dinner at ju shin jung (east). its my first time dining there and the food is marvellous!!! thru the dinner, he told me that he frequent there and even have their VIP card!! i was like, woah~~~ hahaha. the meat there is rili very marinated. pricey but worth the price!!!

Nx up is a handwritten note from my niece to me. child will always be child, dont they? hahaha...

Nx up is a meeting with my uni gang. all of us are from different course and have different personality, same cca (like again?) but for some reason, we just clicked. the most amazingly thing??? we just booked our tix for our grad trip within 24 hrs after we discussed it in mos burger? (i cant rili remember which branch...) that was the most impromptu trip i've ever plan? discussed it in mos burger, went home to check the tix, and the next moment, we bought the tix and settled the accommodation too! and truthfully speaking, i nv regret gg on a trip w them. it was loaded with so much fun, if i were to choose again, i will still choose to go on my grad trip with them! i love u guys!! MUACKS. they are going on another trip soon to cambodia but i'll be in korea, thus i couldnt join them~ (and yes, it was another book-tix-within-24hrs-of-discussion trip) we had dinner at swensens @ vivo and they surprised me with an ice-cream cake!! (cus i cant eat cream~~) after that we went starbucks to chill and redeem my free bday cake for them! HAHA~~ dun waste the free cake right!! lets plan for our nx impromptu trip soon!!

Nx up is dinner with my dear beloved cousin. we wasnt so close when we were young, but as we grew older, we grew closer. prehaps is due to the fact that we broke up with our bf ard the same time 3 yrs ago and we could totally understand how each other feel? from then on, she has been my soulmate. when i started working at ST,she's working in motorola and our building is just side by side. so we make it a point to meet for lunch at least fornightly since we're so near!! luck or wad?? we had our dinner at ramen king@ t3. im so thankful that i have an understanding cousin. she came all the way down to have dinner with me cus i need to OT. and she is always there to lend me her ears and provide me with advices on which steps i shld take!! and im rili glad that she rili understands me and will think for me, and i can absolutely confide in her, knowing that my secret is safe with her.

the nx day, i met up with one of my ex-colleague in ST. he kinda like my bro, treating me like his lil sister and always worried abt me being left behind on the shelf. we can talk about anything under the sun! he knows that i like korea food so he brought me to this restaurant. and he is a v accommodating guy! he is a vegetarian, not tt kinda v strict de. so when dining with him, no need to rili go to those vege restaurant! haha...

The nx meal is at taipei cafe with my my same batch secondary school frens who happen to be in the same CCA (again~). i rili think my cca has brought me tgt with a lot of frens! for this grp of frens, we knew each other for 12 years already!!! c'mon, its 12 years! and we knew alot about each other past! eventhou we dun talk everyday, but deep down inside, we know that we will be there for each other when we need help~~ the cafe is highly recommended by one of them and truthfully speaking, the ru rou fan is rili not bad~~~ *thumbs up*

this is where i blew my second candle of the year~~ at red pig restaurant. well, i chose this place!! hahaha!! and due to work and f1, im late but i still have a happy dinner with them!! truthfully speaking, wad i missed most abt ST is the people. my one year plus there, i have forged a lot of frenship there, spent a lot of time there. they made me understand that work is neither mundane or boring. and we dun have politics at our level which is one thing i love about them! we help out each other ! i rili miss them so i rili look forward to everyone of the ST alumni outing!! ^^

after tt i went JB with oppa and anna again!! this time to buy my hairspray!! i have to buy 1 yr supply cus at other month of the year, i dun get any discount!! since there's a 20% bday mth special, i have to buy buy buy!! luckily oppa is driving us, if not i dunno how can i carry 12 bottles of hair spray back to sg! we had lunch at sushi king, followed by dinner at kimchee korean restaurant and in the midst, a loooot of shopping. i haven shopped like this for a long time! its rili that kinda shop till my legs are sore!! and im a happy girl that day cus i managed to clear a lot of stuffs on my to-buy-list!

last but not least, its my bday dinner with my beloved princess. she went for a 2 weeks trip to japan-korea and made me soooo jelly of her. but we still met up after she came back!! she brought me to crystal jade to taste the cnn voted #1 ginseng chicken in singapore! so sweet of her right. we have so much to update each other everytime we meetup. yes, we dun txt each other everyday, we dun meet up at least once every month, but whenever i need a listening ear, she will always be there for me. jus like im there for her.

both of us, we went thru a lot tgt. without her, mayb i will not be the xiuhua i am today. there's some stuff which only both of us know. our deepest, darkest secret. =P

and i love the present she gave me!! u can refer to the last photo. presents filled with love.

well, on the actual day, im supposed to meetup with someone but sth cropped up so we only met for lunch, and not dinner. so i had dinner with my family and played mahjong after tt! eventhou its my bday, i lost~~ hahaha

fate is a very mysterious stuff. there are million of people in the world, and yet, fate leads u to meet certain ppl. for instance, if i din made up my mind to learn korean at SKIS, i wouldnt have met anna!! and i believe that certain person enter ur life for a reason too, so mus rili cherish those ppl ard u!! im alr a quarter of a century old. many ppl will come and go in ur life, but only those who make an effort to stay, is those that u shld cherish. Im grateful that i have so many frens who bother to make an effort to stay in my life. I LOVE U GUYS LOADS!!

to that someone. i rili hope that u can solve all ur problems soon and go after wad u rili wan in life, and is not being binded down by other factors. eventhou i cant be of any help, but i can lend u an listening ear whenever u need it. as wad i always tell u, 人生短短几十年,重要的是要开心。做错了决定,就要懂得纠正,而不是继续错下去。FIGHTING!!! i rili hope u can solve all ur problems soon~



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