Our FIRST overseas trip!!!!! (Part 2)

Im back!!! So happy that i din have to work this weekend! WOOTS! so i decided to sit down and blog...keke...let me continue with our trip part 2!!

Our initial plan is to have the korean bbq for lunch and totally skip dinner cause we always tend to overeat and get ourselves v v v full whenever we eat korean bbq buffet in singapore!! BUT!! we only manage to reach malaysia at about 2.30pm and oppa's bro told him that the korean restaurant is closed from 3pm to 5.30pm >.<

As we pre-booked our movie tix online, we had a minor shift in plan!! we shifted our korean bbq meal to dinner instead!! and decided to go bukit indah jusco for late lunch first!! as we were all famished by tt time, i straight away brought them to the restaurant street to source for restaurant. as our nana loves salmon, we wanted to go sushi king at first, but there's a queue!! so we decided to go to the jap restaurant opposite sushi king, kinsahi.

Well, the restaurant is also full but we are lucky enough to find a table! the ambience there is not bad as well!! we immediately flipped the menu and placed our orders!! *famished* after placing our orders~~ its photo time!!!!

We practically wiped out the food once its served!! But luckily before we start on every dish, i told them i wanna take photos to do a collage!!! =D

Things that we ordered: Soft Shell Crab, Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Chanwanmushi, Tori Porridge, Curry Rice and California and Caterpillar Maki!!

And WOAH!!! should u ever visit kinsahi @ bukit indah, pls give the tori porridge a try cus its FABULOUS! both anna n me was awed by it!!! dun be deceived by the look of it! it looks ordinary but the taste is extra-ordinary!! its SUPER DUPER YUMMYYYYY (or prehaps we were too famished??? LOL). The bill came up to about 130++ RM.

After our lunch,we went to shop for grocery at the supermart!! And anna saw these HUGEEEE watermelon!!

 And as usual, we bought Alicafe for our Korean teacher!!! ^^

 The things we bought are mainly coffee and instant noodle???? LOL!!

After which, its time for MOVIES!! we watched percy jackson! We were SOOOO happy that we booked the tickets online as the queue that day was.... HORRIBLE!! the queue extended all the way outside to the outside shop. imagine that we din book the tix online, we might have to forgo the movie or mayb, queue 2 hours just to get the tix??

The movie was so-so i guessed. I did fall asleep for a small while in the middle, I admit. HAHA! after the movies, ITS TIME FOR KOREAN BBQ~~~

We placed our order and waited quite a while before the side dishes came, so as usual.....HAHAHA!
We cam-whored~~

I like the ambience of the restaurant. u have to take off ur shoes before entering and u get to sit on the floor! with the UFO on top of u. and there are people there to help u cook! HAHA. Here comes to side dishes!!

Then comes the BEEF!!! the portion is little but the taste is....WOAH~~~

Then its the pork belly~~~~

Last but not least, the seafood pancake!!!!

I personally find the food not bad!! But the pricing is quite similar to sgd price thou. the beef alone is the price of the pork belly + seafood pancake! LOL~~~ nonetheless, we had a hearty meal!!! =)

The meal was satisfying and the bill came up to about 140RM for 3 pax!! We spent quite some time in the restaurant as the service was slow as its full house. the owner keep apologizing and kpt explaining that they have a shortage of manpower. And yah!!! i bumped into my colleague and family there!!! HAHAHA!! We went to the korean mart at level 1 and nana found the pororo drink!!!

After the dinner we went back for some shopping, but by that time, most of the shops has closed already. So we went to padini and nana managed to get some accessories!! we din managed to shop much thou? luckily the way back we experienced no jam.

That marks the end of our 1 day trip!!! and we'll be back for MORE shopping!!! KEKE

Ending off with a collage of annaxiu!! =D




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