**ADVERTORIAL** NEW Hada Labo Hydrating Light Lotion

My first ever advertorial for a product!! 

"One drop locks up an ocean", does this slogan rings a bell? YES!! its HADA LABO and they are back again with their new product: the New Hada Labo "Light" Hydrating Lotion!!

As seen from the poster above, this new creation is specially formulated for consumers with oily and combination skin (which is exactly ME!) and the texture is lighter and more refreshing!! Was very excited when I received the email to do an blog advert on this as im a hada labo fan myself!!

Received the sample from SampleStore.com with its brand new packaging!! Isnt it cute?? I used to buy from samplestore and usually my samples comes in boxes. Now that they have upgraded the packaging, its makes me happy to see my goods come in the brand new packaging!!

Other than that, delivery is fast too and my stuff is well bubble wrapped to protect it from any damage!!

In case you din know, a little history about samplestore.com! it allows you to redeem samples using points (up to 4 per transaction). This is a good initiative as it allows us to try the product first before forking out money to buy the retail size then only to realise that the product doesnt suit our skin! then we have to find ways to give it away or worse, it will land up in the dustbin! and the postage fee comes at a flat fee of $5.99. Afforadable aint it? considering that the samples are of travel size, not those in satchets!

Say hello to my new love~~ the NEW Hada Labo Hydrating Light Lotion!! Now im gonna try it out on my skin!!

Prior to using the lotion, please remember to wash your face thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt and makeup!! Dab off the excess water using tissue!! Once your face is clean, you are set and ready to go! 

Step 1: Pour approximately 3ml of the lotion on your palm, you can choose to pour it on a cotton pad too!! It depends on your personal preference!!! ^^

As you can see from the picture, the lotion is clear in colour and is fragrance free!! Thus it is suitable for those with sensitive skin!! 

Step 2: Rub your palm tgt to make the lotion hot for better absorption!

Step 3: Pat the lotion on ur face!

Step 4: Massage ur face as if you are playing the piano!!

Step 5: DONE!! Say hello to your moisturized face!! 

 No wonder Hada Labo is the Japan Top Selling Lotion with 1 bottle sold every 2 sec!!

Wanna give the new product a try?? Head over to http://www.samplestore.com/product/details/800/0/name-hada-labo-sha-hydrating-lotion to grab your free sample before its OOS!!
and trust me, you wun regret it!!! =D




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