Pearlavish- thumbs up! (Review)

Pearlavish sounds pretty robotic, but they're pretty good at what they do. And by that, I mean that their email responses are quite fast, but emotionless, and they're understanding of what customers want. 

Due to issues on their side that caused my order to be delayed for days, I opted for a refund for the pullover I ordered last week- and they gave it ASAP!

Seeing as they're well-established, I guess they didn't really need my money if I wanted a refund, since they can easily sell that pullover to someone else. Anyway, I'm very happy with them, and I'll definitely shop with them again in the future. 

This is the pullover I cancelled my order for. It's $27.90. Looks so comfy... hais.

Tinsley Knit Wool Furry Pullover

Photo credits to Pearlavish.

Disclaimer- Or, you know, robotic could just be their way of sounding somewhat professional in their emails...? ^^


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