We're on Dayre!

Annaxiu has been on Dayre for quite some time now! We can be found under the name "annaxiu". ^^

Xiuhua got the account and has been actively posting.Thanks a lot!! ^^v
1. Her life is chock full of events, idk when she has time to even breathe.
2. She takes photos which makes the entries much more than the dreaded wall of text.

I shall try to make my life more interesting. Maybe finally find an interest. Ever since my problem surfaced, I've lost interest in many things. I'm now improving my life by trying to be more positive though! Yay me!

Anyway, if you feel like it, do find us on Annaxiu on Dayre! Xiuhua posted her trip to the zoo (again), her trip to Korea, etc etc... loads of fun photos, and a cute little niece during cute little girl things. Haha the innocence of kids...


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