A Hiccup in the Launch of Shop with Anna! :(

UPDATE: Hiatus till further notice

I just started up a little business here on Annaxiu last night, and simply named it Shop with Anna to follow my theme of you know, "Tweet with Anna". Yea... I'm not scoring A for creativity, but it's obvious enough that the next tab is where you can shop at, right? Haha

There's still some things yet to be done, but before I can even properly launch my little venture, my suppliers emailed me this morning and said that they are going on hiatus for Chinese New Year!

I mean, I understand that any business would want some time to wrap up their existing orders and tie up loose ends... but at least tell me in advance! Please don't just email all your customers and say something along the lines of  no more orders starting like, right now.

We discussed things, and I hope that I'll be getting advance notice next time this happens! *crosses fingers*

One AWESOME thing is... even though Shop with Anna was launched officially approximately 24 hours ago, there are already orders!

And also, I'm so sorry to all of you that I can't sell anything to you at the moment. :(

I'll try to think of some nice surprise for those who emailed me last night about an item on Shop with Anna. Hehe.

Till then, I'm arranging for some photoshoot sessions for my instocks. Anyone interested in Armani Exchange, Coach, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Calvin Klein... ? All authentic, shipped from Arizona, USA, and is now sitting in my room, waiting for their time in front of the camera!

Yes, my room. I don't have a warehouse... hahaha

Again, thank you and I hope to have your continued support!!

- Anna


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