Anyone else feel that life is boring?

Anyway, like I said in a previous post, Annaxiu has been on Dayre for quite some time now! We can be found under the name "annaxiu". ^^

I see that there are posts almost every single day- from Xiuhua (thank you!). But I don't go to Dayre daily to check. It lags on my phone, in my opinion. I only ever read when it doesn't lag. Hehe impatient.

I'm looking for the chance to take photos too! Seems like I can only do that if I am alone (sounds like an excuse even when I read it!) Hais.

My bf hates it when I whip out my phone to take photos of things when we go out. He calls it being a media whore. That always earns him The Glare... or sigh of exasperation and defeat. I call it wanting to share moments with people who care about me. 

And my friends look at me funny. It's like, 

"What the....?"
"Oh, right photos."
"Go ahead, I don't mind!"
(silently thinking that I'm totally weird)

That is like, totally weird.

I want to take photos of interesting things, on top of my selfies la. I don't hide it, I do post selfies and OOTDs, though... the lack of a mirror in my house prevented me from posting a full OOTD in months...

See? Selfie! ;)

But if I see maybe a beautiful butterfly that flew right in front of me, in my room, with the gorgeous sunlight behind it, I WANT TO TAKE PHOTO. 

Which I did. This one was kinda approved by the bf lol.

Nice? Lookie the colours! ^^v

But other things, like going to a buffet and ordering enough to feed an army. 
Doing stupid things in school.
Finding unique knick knacks in stores.
Coming across old school snacks in mama shops.


Speaking of buffet... haha you should've seen the look on bf's face when my mother took photos of the oysters and other seafood at the buffet. We went to Vienna.

Bf's face before he quickly controlled his facial expression.

Anyway, bf is in Malaysia for the next two days, and I'm hanging out with le bestie on Wednesday. Let's see if there's anything interesting happening then. If not, I'm going to ask my father to buy us some air tickets and fly somewhere for a vacation.

Not likely to happen, just me rambling on and on. He's got no more days off from work lol.

Looking forward to my shopping day with Xiuhua though! That's one interesting/fun thing to look forward to in my mundane life. 

And yes, I know... I'm the one who should make things more interesting in my life. I've asked the bf, and he says he very much prefers staying home, watching shows like How I met your Mother and Supernatural. Good shows, btw. I'm a late bloomer in TV shows, yes I know. Hehe!

(Bf is desensitizing me to the violence in media, which I've avoided for years.)


That's the end of my ramblings.

For now.


- Anna


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