F1 Three Blind Mice Flea

Xiuhua and I went to the F1 Three Blind Mice Flea on 28 December 2013! Just felt the need to say the year because it's 2014...

So we both spent the same amount of money- S$81!

Xiuhua managed to get a better deal, though. She got 14 pieces, while I bought 11. All still good stuff, though!

Here's Xiuhua's purchases!

Firstly, the super nice Ms Xiu bought this dress for her sister to wear to work! $5

Floral skirt ($4)                                                                    Black printed skirt ($9)

Supre shorts ($4)                                                                       White shorts ($5)

Black ribbon cut-out dress ($8)                                                        Black floral skirt ($2)       

Denim romper ($7)                                                                     Floral romper ($5)

Grey peplum ($7)                                                                   Denim tie-top ($7)

              White belt ($4)                                                            Floral bag for Ms Evonne ($4) >.<

And here's my purchases!

              Printed skirt ($9)                                                                    Black jeans (BN OMG!) ($10)

Cobalt H&M dress $8                                                                       Printed tube dress ($7)

 Cream Embriodered Peplum ($7)                                                                 Lace Peplum ($7)           

Lace dress ($9)                                                                           Floral bustier ($4)

Belt ($4)                                                                                   White Spag ($5)

Cat Maxi (or midi?) Dress $8
They sold food and drinks at the flea, too! Xiuhua bought a hotdog ($2.50?) and we shared a can of soya bean milk ($1).

Xiuhua's wearing the Ohvola romper she bought at the warehouse sales! ~$10
See that bag she's holding? It's a Cath Kidson bag she just received for a Christmas gift from Sookiat! It's one of her favourite brands, and she loves floral prints!

Afterwards, we went to Ang Mo Kio to do a scalp treatment thanks to Xiuhua's scalp treatment package at her salon, but sadly, they were closed early that day!

That's how we ended up doing more shopping! Well, I did anyway. I've been looking for a pair of flats since my last one died three months ago. Frankly, it's so hard to find a pair of plain ones that I like. Ok ok, so I'm a little picky too... hehe.

Floral shoes that I ended up buying! ~$25
We were at Vivienne and Paul (or was it Sean?). I tried on various pairs of black flats, but none really made me go OMG I LOVE YOU. Instead, I saw these floral lovelies... and bought them! Lol.

I also bought a pair of thong sandals, with a lovely opal stone in the middle. (~$30)

Still no plain flats.

Xiuhua said that we were going to head in to Malaysia sometime this month anyway, so I could go there and shop. I might even find a pair that's really cushioned, good quality, yet still very affordable! Woohoo!

So ends our very expensive shopping day. Hey, little price tags add up to a big sum ok! Hahaha.

- Anna


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