Happy Chinese New Year!!

I decorated my wall with red packets that I received so far!

Finally, it's here!

I've never been so impatient for CNY to arrive, simply because 2014 is the year when I decided to take a slightly more traditional approach. I kept all of my latest buys in my closet, unworn, so I can have a huge selection to wear on CNY.

I'm not traditional- usually- but I feel that my luck has been getting worse and worse. So what do I have to lose by being traditional for once? 

So I went ahead with this look! Chosen because my mother really loves it.

Candid shots are nice. Thanks, Mother!^^v
Dress: Style Pixies
Belt: Lelivery
Shoes: Club Couture

So I helped my mother spray paint her mouldy pot to disguise, well the mould. I ended up spraying my fingers by accident, so I used nail polish to hide the bit of paint that I couldn't wash off.

I learned I'm really bad at nail polish art.

It's supposed to be flowers... hahaha
So I redid it.

Wasn't much better. So I redid it. Again.

I just left it as is. Not great, but hey, I'll accept that this is the best I can do as a newbie! ^^

Hehe an interesting thing... the black nail polish dried up, so in the first attempt, this is the side view. My mother and I laughed our heads off. #somuchfail

Nails aside, here's my cousin!

This CNY, I decided to Polaroid it!

My mother loves the idea so much that I'm only left with two polaroids. She kept the rest. Hahaha!

After a long, tiring day of visitations... I came home and noticed this on the goodie table. An epic box of Ferrero Rocher!

More photos of my look for Chu 1 (Day 1 of CNY)!!

Oh btw, I was so traditional, I even gave oranges to my parents at 5am and gave them well wishings for the lunar new year! I never do that.

And 5am because my mother was reminiscing about her past when her siblings and her woke up at 5am to give the family elders well wishes.


Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!!

- Anna


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