Mother and Daughter Day- to Malaysia!

14 JANUARY 2014

A day to remember! Simply because it's a day when my mother and I went to Malaysia together. We seldom spend time together, and it was our first trip outside Singapore without anyone else!

(Also, this is finally a legit post, almost up to Xiuhua's standard. Photos and prices, information still a little sparse but yay for improvement! HAHA)

Heading in to Malaysia!

We took the bus 160 because it comes to the bus stop near my house. At the Singapore checkpoint, we took the next bus that came along that brings us to the Malaysian side, which I believe was 170.

I was worried about a crowd, but nope! It was perhaps 11.15am when I boarded 160. I arrived at the Singapore checkpoint at 11.40am, and there were still empty seats on the bus.

Then I totally lost track of time... it was 1.40pm the next time I checked in the middle of lunch.

Mother and I trying on different frames. Nice? Hehe!

We went to a spectacle shop almost immediately after alighting the bus! It was outside the mall. I wanted to try some eye-enlarging lenses, so I bought a pair. It was RM30 for one side, so I spent RM60 in total. 14mm, hazel, able to use for 3 months. Here it is, worn a few days later!

I'm on the left. People sometimes mistake my friend for me. Lol.

Comparison: Me without eye-enlarging lenses. More whites of the eye can be seen.

Not sure how much I like it... Maybe I just need to get used to it, but the look creeps me out. I feel like more whites of the eye should be visible... Lol.


Was at El Mijos. Meh.

My mother liked the wall. It reminded her of our old home in Tucson!
 Service: Water was served perhaps 10-15 mins after food arrived. Room temperature food was served after 15-20mins with only like, 4 other customers, so we don't know why the wait. 

Price: $$

What we ordered:

1. Some meh oxtail dish (~25RM)
15% edible stuff. DO NOT ORDER if you're trying to look nice while eating. The gravy tastes fantastic! But that's all. Too bony, garlic bread was a little too oily, raw lettuce was... well, normal raw lettuce taste, I guess!

2. Stir Fried Wild Mushrooms with Garlic Bread (10RM)
Not bad! Would be nice if it were at least warm, though...

Mother and me!

We ate very little because we intended to buy finger food throughout the day.


Bought so many things!!!

It shall be in a video haul because there's just so many that I will totally flood this post with photos.

At the end of the day, she apologized for being away from my life for two years (which I so didn't hold against her), and said that all of the day was a birthday present to me, in advance! I feel so loved!!!

And then I felt so sorry that I spent so much. Lol.

So now I'm going to really think of something to spice up the Taiwan trip for my parents that I've been saving up for since... goodness knows how many months ago. I've almost reached my target of $4000. ^^ Should be enough, right?

Funniest thing to me was that my father didn't even know he gifted me since I signed his card.... and we only informed him when we reached home at around 10.30, 11pm. Haha!


Mother and I went to a Japanese restaurant, Kinsahi, located at the basement. Looked a little more on the atas side, but was meh as well.

Service: Other than a blur waitress who missed out on my sashimi order, service wasn't too bad! ^^

Price: $$

What we ordered:

1. Miso Ramen (~18RM for the large bowl; ~15RM for the small bowl)
Not worth eating. We could barely eat half of it. We ordered the large bowl. :(

2. Chawan Mushi (~7RM)
I quite enjoyed this! I love chawanmushi. It's like finding a surprise with each scoop. They put quite a lot of ingredients in, there's ginko nut (didn't expect this one!), and the usual fishcake, mushroom, some meat... <3

3. Soft Shell Crab Maki (??RM)
My opinion? Not bad, but not fantastic either. My mother loves this though, she said that the fish roe was really good, got something like the "Q" texture.

Look! #photoception

My mother likes to take photos of her food. I prefer taking photos of my friends and I, but she prefers food photos. Hehe.

Something #mildlyinteresting... they have this buzzer. I know this is definitely not innovative, but what's interesting is that it's funny. It literally rings, like the sound you get when you walk into or out of a 7-11 store. DING DONG. I wonder how often they clean it, though.


Went to Secret Recipe and was totally sad to miss out on this 50% deal by 3 minutes!!! We arrived at 6.03pm, and it's valid from 3pm to 6pm. Yes, they did not give us the discount...

Service: Nothing special. As usual, no water served because you need to BUY the water. It was good that both my mother and my dessert was served at the same time, and it took a little long as mine had to be heated up.

Price for desserts: $

1. Vienna Brownie (~7RM)
It was warm, which was appropriate I guess, but so dry (maybe heated for too long) and tasteless. I was disappointed because it looked so appetizing when I saw it displayed in the refrigerator at the counter.

2. Baked Oreo Cheesecake (~7RM)
Not bad, my mother loved it. It's very rich and very sweet. We both needed the latte to get it down because it's so rich and sweet. Lol.

3. Mocha Latte, I think... (~7.50RM)
Best out of the three!! In my opinion, anyway.

Going home!

It was past 9pm when we went to take the bus from the Malaysia side. Luckily 170 was already at the bus bay, so we boarded that to get to the Singapore side.

We had just missed 160 at the Singapore side... we waited super long for the next one. Like, 30 mins? Ugh. But from there, it took around 30 mins to reach the bus stop near my house. I love that it's on the "correct" side, so I didn't have to cross the overhead bridge. After all, a girl does tire out after a day of shopping!

Btw, I saw these bags and was wondering if I should buy! Photos were taken sneakily whenever the sales personnel went off to help someone else lol.


The qualities of all these differ, and you get what you pay for. Hais. I really wonder which to buy... or if I should buy. I need a bag to carry my laptop to school, but how often do I need to bring my laptop to school? Idk yet!

And that is the end of my wonderful shopping day with my mother! Look out for my haul video! ^^

- Anna


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