My Guangzhou trip (Part 1)

Sorry for the long hiatus!! As anna has mentioned, we are active on Dayre now!! So you guys can follow us on Dayre too!! =D

Some backdate! I went Guangzhou with my brother for a super short trip over the weekend!! Accomodation is free as i stayed with my bro's fren and wife there. they rented a house and bro and me slept in their extra room. Cool huh? HAHA!!

Shall start off the post now!!

Day 1 in Guangzhou!

A bare-faced me at Changi airport waiting for my turn to check in! i was at the airport early so i went for the early-checkin! and luckily me, i got a super good seat!! (the one with more leg space...HAHAHA)

The garden design inside the airport. You only can find this at T1 if you are wondering ^^

Our dinner! Luckily i have airport pass. which means i get to enjoy staff privileges! thats our dinner!! Mee Rebus for me and laksa for my bro. both sets are 5bucks each!!

Another OOTD at the toilet. Wore long sleeve cus im scared of cold~~~

Reached GZ about 2am and have to squeeze with the super duper long queues for taxi. and there are illegal taxis around who keep poaching people. Another word for them? Black cars. they usually target foreigners who look rich and doesnt have the patient to queue for the taxi. and their rates are exorbitantly high! its like a trip to the town cost them like 500rmb each?? bro and me decided to stay in the queue and our trip cost us like 120rmb only...

the next day, we had our lunch at this dimsum place highly raved by my bro's fren!

of cus, a selfie of me is a must inside the toilet...hahah

Here comes the dishes!! I might forget the name of some of the dishes since this trip was like in november?? HAHAHA!

Chicken feet! this was so awesome that we ordered another plate!

steamed beancurd roll

chee chong fun. i like~~

lettuce dumpling. crunchy outside and inside is filled with meat! SHIOKNESS!

lotus leaf rice. very aromatic!

custard bun aka liu sha bao. this is awesome! AWESOME!!

vinegar black fungus. its v good!! kai wei!

5 colour siew mai. u dun see this in sg right?

har gow. the prawns are sooo FRESH!

look at the oozing custard!! shiok shiok shiok

the lotus leaf rice~ quite a small quantity thou

char siew bao. v special right? their new dish!

egg tart! cripsy outside, fluffy inside, wad else more can i ask for??

special chee chong fun! this is awesome!! i polished off like 4 of them?

almond bun!!! dessert bun! very nice!! colour is nice, taste is nice, everything is NICE!

the inside of char siew bun

the exterior design of the restaurant

the dimsum are all very nice!! and i think i overate. hahaha!!
my bro thinks im stupid cus i take the photos of all the food which came. he tried to stop me from taking photos but insist on taking. HAHA!!

the bill came up to ard 400rm ++ if im not wrong?

After that we went to those places of interest! First up is Sun Zhong San memorial hall!
This is my bro!! I like taking photos with him cus it makes me look skinny??

haha! my solo shot!

a statue for dunno wad???

thats a statue of sun zhong san!

me and sun zhong san!

i have to zoom and take this photo. cus if u wanna enter the main hall, u need to pay for the entrance fee and i sibei kiam. HAHA

me and my almighty umbrella which can auto open/close with high UV protection. i like paradise umbrella!

a golden statue of sun zhong san

went to take their train!! its quite clean and im quite surprised about it! HAHA

went another place of interest. the wang residence if i din rem wrongly....

thats me and my bro's fren wife, mun ling!! she's v nice and is v hostly!

bro and his best buddy

sweet couple!!!!

the four of us!

funny golden statue which can be found in the wang residence!

the enormous giant ink slab which weighs 1500kg....

decided to take funny shots with the golden statue!

take 2

wad are u looking at, sir?

come, let me help!


got so heavy meh?

in front of the famous church! i forgot the name, sorry!!

another shot!

interior of the church! din go in as we need to cover our exposed parts with the scarf they provided. and im not a churchy person, but i have the admit, the interior is rili nice!

went crazy shopping at night. look at the amount of things i bought!!

super duper nice dessert which they brought us to eat. better than blackball!! hehehe!

Went back home to pull down our heavy stuff. their condo is located right nx to a giant shopping mall. cool right?? so after resting for like 30mins, we went out, in search for our dinner at about 9.30pm? and tada~~ we found this!

its spicy ma-la steamboat!!! look at the interior of the place! so oriental right?

they even gave us free tissue with their address and directions on how to get there!

they serve kungfu tea as well. look at how scared my bro's buddy is!

cool guo!

my kungfu flower tea~~

MA JIANG! omg! this sauce is like major love. esp when u mix it with the veggie. i always ask for this sauce when im having hotpot in beijing. Singapore do have ma jiang but its super duper diluted!! not nice one. and this ma jiang is super shiokness!! can singapore have decent ma-jiang pls??

our medium-spiciness hot and spicy hotpot with a small chicken hotpot in the middle!

the ingredient we ordered!

let it boil, let it boil, let it boil~~~
and yes! we have duck blood! its banned in sg for some hygiene reason i think but its like so nice! i remember eating it when i was young! HAHA

If my memory din fail me, this meal came up to about 400rm for 4 pax as well?? Lucky we ordered medium-spicy cus its alr quite spicy (and i think im one of those can take spicy one). i totally cannot imagine eating the super spicy one! i think my tongue will most prolly burn or sth liao~

conclusion for day 1? we walked a lot... actually in the middle i went to a shoes wholesale places but they dun sell shoes in one pair. u have to buy like 10 pairs. heard from mun ling that place is a shoes paradise for shoes seller where they can buy in bulk and sell. i couldnt possibly buy 5 shoes of the same kind or find 5 diff pairs of shoes to buy in the same store right? so i walked out empty handed.

went a place that sells hair accessories at wholesale prices too! got 10 cutesy rubber band at 50cent rmb each. darn it. i shld have bought more since its so cheap. wanted to go back there to get more but my itinerary for the nx few days is packed and my stupid bro doesnt wan to walk back cus he complained that his leg is aching! (of cus ache lah, told ya to exercise more cus ur knee cant tahan the weight of ur body!!!!)

TADA~~ thats the end of my day 1 in guangzhou! do stay tune for my day 2 which i went to macau!!



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