Ohvola Warehouse Sale

Yay!! Xiuhua and I finally got to meet up, and we went shopping~~~

What else could two young, financially capable ladies be doing right?

No actually I'm just kidding. She's wonderfully capable, a rising star in the engineering field (in her company anyway, but she could be a rising star in the field once she gets more experience under her belt!)! And I'm relying on my meagre savings and allowance from my father.

Hm, I had better start planning for my future if I'm ever going to want to shop and not starve.


Xiuhua bought an amazing $95 worth of loots from Ohvolva, and that's for about 9 pieces! Some are even the Premium label ones. The quality is pretty fantastic for all!

I only bought two items, one premium quality dress and one top, and it cost me $23. Not too shabby.

We met the Zhou sisters, the owners of Ohvola!

After this shot, the pretty owner Jolene helped us to take some vainpot shots of us holding their awesome recyclable bag. It's useful, sturdy, big, recyclable and not bad looking!

After the Ohvola warehouse sale, we went to Bugis to shop a little more at Bugis Street, then off to Illuma for... more shopping. Teehee!

While waiting for Sookiat to come and pick us up (he's always very nice to come and pick us up or drop us off when we're hanging out), we took many many photos!

There were some Christmas decoration up, so (of course) we took photos!

Funny/embarrassing story behind the cake... we didn't realize the main attraction was in the front. There was an enclave with a sort of throne inside, and everyone was queuing up to sit on the throne.

And by queuing, I mean most people rushed to sit down. Whoever sits down first, gets to take the photo. Whoever doesn't rush fast enough, won't get to take a photo! Lol. #onlyinsg

This was back in 2013. Hehe sounds so long ago, but it was actually just last week... I think. >< 

- Anna


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