Xiu's Guang Zhou Trip Part 2: Day trip to MACAU!! =D

 Hello people!!

Im back to update Day 2 of my short trip to Guangzhou. and today we are heading to Macau. Actually their main purpose is to go and gamble la. But im alright cus I have nv been to Macau before.

***WARNING*** its a long and wordy post with loads of picture about Macau.

So early in the morning, we set off to Macau for our day trip. First, they brough us to get the famous and nice sea salt coffee from cafe 85 degree celcius!!

Hehehe...and recently im in love with mochi bread thus when i saw this, I knew that this is a must buy!! LOL!! But...its not that nice leh...i still love the mochi bread from minione found at taka basement.

TADA~~ this is where we gonna to have our breakfast. According to them, this breakfast place is super famous for their chee chong fun!! so here we are =)

One thing good about this trip is that I get introduced to all the good food! Then i need not trouble about where to makan cus everything is planned!! HAHAHA~~

Anyway, this is the shop front of the chee chong fun place if u wanna find!

Its 9am in the morning and look at the amount of people in the shop!! Luckily there is an outside table empty and we managed to find a seat. Lucky lucky~~

There is also a chinese calligraphy inside written by dunno who but it means, king of fen chang.

This is the sea salt coffee!! and i have to admit, its rili nice!

Yayy!! here comes our chee chong fun! mine is prawn only and my bro's one is prawn with beef!
And seriously speaking, the chee chong fun is nice!! its so smooth and silky, plus the prawn is succulent! and i think one plate is about 16rmb i think. its a MUST TRY!!

On our way to Guangzhou Nan Station via train!! Not much people at this timing cus its off peak!! Say hello to wanfu, munling and my fat bro!! LOL~~

Selfie of myself again!! LOL~~ u can see their reflections in the mirror. LOL!!

Upon reaching Guangzhou Nan Station, we went to buy our tickets to Zhuhai followed by going to the toilet. A selfie is a must in the toilet!!

Me and my ticket to Zhuhai at the waiting gate!! Makes me think of my time in Beijing! Furthermore the ticket is exactly the same!!!

Me and my ticket!! (Proudly sponsored by my brother!)

Me at my seat!! We chose the 2nd class seat instead of the first class seat. We took the dong che which is one of the newest train so the 2nd class seat is just as comfy as well!!

A look at the train station!! Looks not bad right?

Okie, I have to admit i slept throughout the journey to Zhuhai. It was an hour journey! Zhuhai to Macau is like Singapore to Malaysia. You just need to pass through the custom via walking and tada~~~ you are in another country!! But seriously, there is so much chinese at the immigration and the queue is freaking long!!!! luckily we can travel via the special lane and got through the immigration much faster.

And to my amaze, there is no chop at the macau custom! just scan only. haha. ok. call me mountain tortoise.

SAY HELLO TO MACAU!! look at those old buildings~ its like what we saw in the HK Drama!! Once we reach Macau, we wanted to find day tour one, but dun have leh. So we decided to travel on our own since munling knows where to go and stuff!! So here we are, on a cab to lunch!!

A magnificient building!! but i dunno the name lah. HAHA~

Look at the bustling street full of people!

This is our lunch venue!! according the munling, this restaurant was highly raved in dian ping, chinese version of our hungrygowhere!! since its highly raved!! of cus we must go right???

Look at the lovely and sweet couple!! Rili have to thank them for this trip!! Without them, I would have miss out on a lot of good food!!! THANK YOUUUU~~~~~~~

Even the cutlery looks so nice and is placed so high classy~

The interior of the restaurant!! It rili has a vintage feel and I love it alot!! This place served Portuguese food and the only Portuguese food i have before is like Portuguese egg tart??

Please take a look at the menu everyone!! everything look so nice and yummy!! im like absolutely spoilt for choice!! HAHAHA

Since the interior is so nice, the toilet should be not bad also right??
Since im at the toilet, ITS SELFIE TIME!!

Selfie 1~~

Selfie 2~~ featuring our OOTD!

Selfie 3~~~
Ok enough my my selfie!! Cus im hungry as my chee chong fun is all digested! LOL~

If my memory din fail me, we ordered a Set Menu for 2 with additional side dishes which we wanna try (eventhou there is 4 of us) cus we are scared that the portion might be huge and we will over order if we order for 4 person. And i dun exactly eat much cus I dun wanna grow fat >.<

Cream of Potato Soup! There is only 2 lah, cus we ordered Set menu for 2. HAHA

Toasted Bread. and OMG!! their bread is served warm!! crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!! thinking of it now still makes me wanna drooooool~~ even the look of the bread is so nice right!! no wonder people highly recommend it on dian ping lah!!

my fat bro enjoying his cream of potato soup!

Potato croquette. Wanfu loves to eat potato so we ordered things that have potato in it?? HAHA~~

OMG!! this is rili nice. Coconut chicken curry. Please people, if you go this this restaurant! Pls order this. I swear that this dish is rili nice. The curry is so fragrant, the chicken is so tender!!

And there is tomato in curry? yes, tomato! but its taste nice as well. and what is curry without potato??? the potato is like super nice too. and the gravy with rice also taste heavenly~~~~~ wooot!


Guess what is this?? I know it look like nipple right??
But its actually tomato pineapple rice lah!! the 2 dot is actually olive! actually i think Portuguese likes to eat tomato lo. like tomato in curry, tomato pineapple rice. HAHA

To give this dish its worth, this is the interior!! and this dish is super nice as well!!!! Tomato pineapple rice. an interesting twist to the pineapple rice that we have in Singapore. the rice has a tinge of tomato fragrant~~

This is their specialty dish! PORK RIB!!!!!!
and i assure u, this is way MUCH MUCH MUCH better than those served in cafe cartel!!!!
Each strip is toasted to perfection and the meat is so tender!! However its on the salty side so be sure to have it with white rice to even out the taste!

The bill came up to about 400 macau dollar and everyone is like so full! i din manage to finish my white rice thou. This is such a sinful meal but super delicious meal. If im gg back macau, i will surely visit this restaurant AGAIN!!!!

After lunch its like sightseeing time!! We only go to those major sightseeing place i think??
This shld be a museum if im not wrong. HAHA~~ thanks to munling for helping me take this nice picture!

My bro examining the face??

now its his buddy time, also examining the face carefully!
 actually i call them dumb and dumber. HAHA

what is so special about this face?? so i took a selca with it. hahaha~~

me with a famous statue of a french poet.

the orchard road of macau!! all the sightseeing places are within close vicinity of each other.

the fountain which everyone is fighting to take picture with. there is too much people there that i feel lazy to take picture. reason for the sudden burst in number of people? cus that day coincide with the F1 race held in macau!

A dutch style old building!

A church!!

A shot of the love bird again!

Munling and me!! luckily she is ard to help me take photo BECAUSE the 2 guys knows totally nothing about taking photos!! =.=

Swarovski in Macau. Relax. i din get anything there.

This is the famous church which got burnt and only left with this. it was drizzling and i was lazy to climb! plus, LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THERE. i took the photo via the zoom mode. at least i saw it in real life before?? HAHAHA. (super play cheat mode)

Old style apartment in Macau~

Nv wa miao. Like suddenly outta no-where??

Its dessert time!! we decided to have zhuang nai~ wanfu said this brand of zhuang nai is rili famous in HK and Macau so its another must try! look at the crowd inside and you know already right?? We have to wait like 10mins before sitting in.

The menu is placed under the glass on the table, cannot take out one.

This is munling's shuang pi nai~

This is my jiang zhi zhuang nai!

After dessert time we decided to head on to the casino at Taipa. However, we din manage to flag any cab. We even walked a few streets to the main road to flag a cab. In the end, we manage to find the cab BUT it was a black cab. the cab driver actually quote us 100HKD to get us to Taipa. Luckily, I spotted a bus that goes to Taipa. So we asked around to confirm that the bus direction is correct and off we go!! We also asked the bus driver to tell us when to alight when we reached the stop. Luckily munling can speak cantonese man!!!

A view of the high rised building in Macau!

Ok, Im trying to take a picture of the golden statue~~

Across the bridge to go to Taipa!

Finally I managed to get a seat. This is the notice board behind the seats~
Yes, I know that safety starts with me.

Actually bus everywhere is the same huh?

Finally we reached TAIPA!! actually this ride quite funny. Cus we told the bus driver we want to go Venetian. Then he is like. OHHHH~ its near the famous pork fun (zhu pa bao)

So the whole bus journey, we kept looking out for zhu pa bao. Until a group of Chinese came up and told the driver they wanna go and try the zhu pa bao. So we just alighted together with that group of Chinese.
We din get to find the zhu pa bao cus its quite late already and wanfu's hand is already itchy to gamble. LOL~

Macau is a place to gamble right? So there is a lot of nice hotel there~~
This is hotel galaxy!

Hotel Venetian!! (whr we are going)

Hotel Galaxy again. The night view of Hotel Galaxy is superb!

Another view of Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Venetian (actually all the hotel are located there la....)

Hotel City of Dreams by Warner Bros~

I asked Wanfu why of all hotel, he wans to go Hotel Venetian.
He just smiled and say, once you reach, you will know.

And this is the view that greeted me when I reach the hotel. WOAH~~~
The fake sky!

It so pretty that I have to take a photo with it as the background!

The place is very the Vienna, like MBS?

The shop houses concept.

The ceiling mural of the hotel. Pretty right?

Then its the search for the super nice Portuguese egg tart time!! Venetian is so freaking big that we got lost in it!! We can refering to the directory to find the location of the egg tart! But finally! we found it!!!!

Look at the crazy queue!! But this egg tart is a must try thus we join in the queue also! HAHA. actually is nt we la, is wanfu only. For me???

Of cus is take photo of the pretty surrounding lah~

HEHE~~ had the chance to see them make the egg tart!!! they have this open concept so that anyone can see their kitchen!

look at these egg tart!! looks so nice right!!!!!!!! and i assure u, it taste even more awesome than it looks!

a happy me with my egg tart. its so nice that i ate 2 on my own~~~ YUMMY~~~

look at the egg tart~~~~ crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. this is the best Portuguese egg tart i had in my life so far!!!

after having the egg tart, its gambling time! no photography allow so sorry folks!!!
But i managed to take a selfie in the toilet lah. their toilet is so grand can? like everything so gold-ish looking! hahaha!!

there is a cleaner auntie always stationed there to ensure that the condition of the toilet is always in tip top condition as ever!

another one before i go out to gamble!

HAHA~~ i manage to win about 300hkd when playing big/small. was losing at first but luck came at the second half and i won 300hkd overall. LOL~ bro won about 600hkd and wanfu won abt 2000hkd i think. its a happy ending for all!!

then we went to koi kei bakery to get some local products back. Koi kee product is famous for their sesame candy, feng li shu and many more which i cant remember now. hahhaa...

Dont say I never share ok. the price of koi kee here is more expensive than the price of koi kee at the street of macau. at the street of macau, koi kee is like everywhere!! we din buy cus we didnt wan to bring da bao xiao bao to gamble. so if u guys wanna save money, please get the products from koi kee elsewhere and not in Venetian ok?

After that we took the free shuttle bus back to the customs. we were afraid that we couldnt make it back in time for the train! cus we were afraid that the queue in zhuhai then will be long and we will miss the train back (we have to make it back in time cus there is a man u match that night and wanfu is a hardcore man u fan), so we bought the tix to and fro. and there is like a loooooooong queue for the free shuttle bus. however, the frequency is quite fast so that is not an issue. moreover, the shuttle bus is FOC!

Luckily, luckily there is priority lane if not we will waste the tickets alr! we made in back in time and is 15mins early for the train. which gave me some toilet time! by then i was already very tired already so no selfie!! HAHA~ and yes, i slept throughout the trip back too......

We decided to have dinner back in GZ. Biao shao is the only restaurant open at 10pm so we had that. its a restaurant selling HK food!

my milk tea!

a tired me enjoyin my milk tea~

munling's macaroni w chicken chop!

Bro's passion fruit drink. I realise there is something wrong with my bro already, Morning he had honey lemon cus he doesnt drink coffee, then he finish off one chee chong fun with prawn and beef. Upon reaching macau, he said that his stomach wasnt exactly feeling well and he ate very little for lunch. Then he keep going toilet. HAHA. but he din say anything at all. what amaze me more is that he din wan to eat dinner. he just ordered this passionfruit tea and that's it.


This is wanfu's prawn dumpling noodle!

and they actually missed my order for curry beef tendon rice!! so we have to reorder and wait. and as time is ticking by, i actually told them to go first to catch the match. the match is 12.10 and my food came at 12! @.@

i wolfed down the entire thing and walked damn fast, reach home at at 12.20.
Then we all watch the match tgt, hahaha. and Man U won! YIPEEEEE

a random shot by me. the celing light at wanfu's hse! nice right??

End of day 2!! and my bro keep visiting the loo~ so we suspected that he is having food poisoning liao. all of us suspect that its the ma la hotpot that we had last night and his stomach wasnt strong enough. but my bro said its either the honey lemon he had this morning or the mineral water. well, we are not sure which causes the tummy upset cus everyone is fine except for him. strange huh? wanfu gave him some charcoal tablet and po chai wan. but doesnt rili seem to help??

on a sidenote. my bro's snoring engine is. TMD POWERFUL~
luckily both days i was so exhausted that i din hear at all. but accordingly to wanfu and wife (who were sleeping the nx door) say that they could hear his snoring loud and clear and is wondering how i tahan. HAHAHA~~~~

IMO, macau is just like a small island and can be covered within 2 days i feel. usually people go macau is to gamble which explains for the super nice hotel there with the casinos. wads saddening is that i din get to try the famous pork bun, but im lucky enough to try the famous egg tart!!! maybe i went at the wrong timing, macau square is just so full of people that i feel very erxin. for instance, i went SASA to shop and is super sian when i saw the freaking long queue. the queue is queued from the cashier to the entrance. and the whole shop is filled with people. where got mood to slowly see my stuff. hahaha

another thing that amazes me is that pharmacy is macau is always filled with people. later then i know that majority is china people getting milk powder. cus china milk powder got some incident before eh??? either that or is china people getting those oilment oil etc. in short. if you wanna earn some quick buck, can consider opening a pharmacy is Macau. i can assure you that it will be packed, always.

Stay tune for day 3 of my short trip okies!!

Congratulations if you manage to finish this post!!
Sorry for this super long and lengthy post~~



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