Back to School!

So the holidays are over, and I'm back to school.
Irrelevant Photo of this Post (IROP? Haha!)

Can you believe I have lessons starting at 8:30am everyday of the school week?? It's like being back in secondary school.

On the bright side, school is only from Monday to Thursday. ^^

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I'm also thinking of joining the Student Council... but from asking my friends who are in it, they're too busy to do anything in life. Just have time to barely sleep after finishing schoolwork, revision and council stuff.

Me with a fellow Student Rep at an event!
Maybe I should just be content being in Student Representatives. Lol. In any case, I missed the Feb deadline for submitting my availability to do SR duties... so I'm quite free in February... I hope they're not upset with me. Lol.

- Anna


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