CNY Day 2- Anna

Another new dress! You may (or may not, idk) recognize this dress from the F1 flea that AnnaXiu blogged about previously. Brand new, $14, and most importantly, is the dress that's been on my #lookingfor list for monthssss!

Dress: Flea
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Fio-something
Accessories: Gifted

It was CNY Day 2, meaning my family gathered at Bukit Batok, where my aunt lives. She's the most senior now, and she's actually more of a grandmother at almost 80 years old, and just as kindly as any stereotypical grandmother!

Here's my cousin- the only cousin on this side of the family who I regularly contact because we both keep liking each other's posts on Instagram. Haha. She's only in Secondary Two! I feel old. > <

Then later that day, my family and I headed to Bishan for Part II!

It was going to be a family portrait, but my father and brother wandered off, so... my mother said just me will do. This is the photo that was filtered and cropped when I posted on Dayre!

And here is my cousin's super adorable dog, Muffin! Can you tell? It's a poodle! Muffin LOVES tissue paper, so there's always this mad rush if a new visitor comes and leaves tissue paper on the coffee table where Muffin can get it. 

Why the mad rush, you ask? It's to grab it out of Muffin's mouth! Hehe

 Btw, here's my wall of ang bao! It expanded... a little. Hehehe. 

CNY celebrations died down today. Yesterday was still crazy, my parents had their friends over till the wee hours of the morning! I even met a guy who apparently, was my childhood friend, but the two of us don't know each other. It's just our parents who kept in touch.

Then I couldn't sleep till past 5am, and crawled up at 6plus to go to school.

But we're continuing this Saturday, when Xiuhua and some others are coming over for a meal and I'm just going to say it's CNY celebration because... it's still within the 15 days. Haha.

Anyway, hope that anyone who's superstitious managed to deposit money (or at least not withdraw money) from their ATM yesterday! My friends Whatsapp'd me the long queues at their places when they went to the cash deposit machine, so I decided to go later at night... end up I queued up for 1 hour anyway. Ugh. Queued till 11pm.

Random! I posted a photo of myself wearing my StylePixies dress from CNY Day 1 on Facebook, and my friend asked me to be his model for his project! Should be interesting... and I hope it doesn't turn out to be the awkward kind where I have to act sexy or something omg. It was hard enough to act edgy and attitudinal at a photoshoot I had a few years ago. Ah, to be young again. Like, really young, teenage years. Hahaha

Signing off with an ang bao fan! Teehee!

- Anna


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