Will you be my Valentine?

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day, be it with friends, family or a special someone!

I spent the day doing a project, then went to meet the bf for dinner! What a surprise, not only did he plan my birthday on the 13th, he also planned a little something-something for vday! I swear, this is the FIRST time ever that I had a bf who did anything special for me on vday. #sotouched

My last minute gift was sad in comparison. Chocolates and a hand written note.

But due to the camera averse nature of bf, no photos of anything was taken. I did ask, but his face just went black so I'm like, hais nvm. Don't want to fight over such a thing.

Therefore, with no photos of vday, here's some photos from another day!

So my face got "massacred". Hahaha

But it's ok, because the perpetrator made me this!




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