Xiu's Trip to Guangzhou Part 3~~

Sorry for the super duper long hiatus!! However!! We are very active on Dayre!! So do follow our Dayre ok??


Now im back to finish my last and final installment of my Macau trip! And i realise i still have my Korea trip to blog about!! And I haven finish uploading my Korea photos?? OMG! ehhh, xiuhua, pls dun side track... 

Anyway, this super nice lighting can be found at bro de fren hse. so elegant right!

last lunch at guangzhou! highly recommended by them!

and their specialty is hk food!

look at the amt of figurine they hv inside! so old school right?

it wasnt lunch time yet so no ppl! the interior design is very nice too!

their signature ice milk tea! they kept it cold via the ice cube outside so that the milk tea is nt diluted

bro was still feeling unwell so he ordered lemon tea

the super duper nice and famous bo lo bun!

look at the butter!! of cus i had mine removed!

here comes the thick toast! bro fren said that this is a must order everytime he is here! and with the honey added, its super tasty!!

well, this plate of duck beehoon has a v strong and funny ducky taste. so we din finish it... tried for an exchange but the chef said it was supposed to taste this way...so well...hmmmm

roast goose!! UPZZZZ~~

order veggie to act healthy! haha

roast pork and char siew! super sinful but delicious eh?

bro's fren fav. tomato fried rice. honestly speaking, its rili tt damn good man!

shucks. i miss my long wavy hair....hahah

did some last min shopping cus i shopped too little throughout the trip and have so much rmb left!! went home to pack too!

This is where we had our last meal in GZ

BEWARE. its all meat meat and meat.

first dish, roast lamb leg!

look at me gearing myself up to attack the dish!

wah. so big. how shld i tackle it leh?

bro fren: u see ar, since u wearing glove, jus take and bite!

ok! who cares about glam shot anyway? I LOVE UNGLAM SHOTS!

Nom nom nom~

Mee hoon??? I cant rili remember now wor...

AR! this one i remember! chinese style pasta! looks disgusting but the taste is superb!

ru jia mo! hmmm, i still prefer the one i ate in beijing!

beef leg??

me and my rou jia mo

me and my beef bone???? suddenly i feel very flint stone. haha

a closer look at the beef bone!

ordered dumpling to share too! omg. so much food!

to add on, here comes yang rou chuan~~

since its like the last dinner we are having tgt in GZ, we rili ordered a lot and eat like nobody de business. if i din remember wrongly, we ordered a bottle of beer to share too!! just like the locals. the bill came up to about 400rmb for 4 pax. considering the amount and the quality of food, i think that its like super worth it!! LOL!

Ending off the post with my unglam shot!! me trying to eat the bing tang hu lu from the tree!

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