We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you?


Im back!!! Finally have some time to sit down and blog about my long overdue post to the ZOO!
Hehe, the 'giam siap' me applied for my company pass so that they can go to the zoo for free. Actually I applied once last year and we went already, but the polar bear enclosure wasnt ready. So the main motive of going to the zoo today is actually to see the polar bear lah...

Seriously, I think evonne also go to the zoo until sian already. She even knows how much it costs to feed the giraffe etc. But nonetheless, she is still excited to go to the zoo lah. Cus it means that she can play and no need do assessment or homework during that time frame.

Was greeted by this enormous monkey upon reaching the zoo. And since ms evonne is a lil monkey herself, we went ahead to take photo with the monkey! See what the little monkey evonne is doing! She is attempting to bite the banana!

There is a free hat for all the kids that day. So as usual, monkey evonne upon seeing other children donning the hat, she wans to have one too. Typical of her.

This is often known as: Other people have, I also want~~~

Since its like our 2nd trip there within like 6 mths, we quickly breezed through most of the animals and focus on those animals that is of interest to monkey evonne

So first up, we have the WHITE TIGER!

Seriously speaking, the white tiger quite pretty leh, as compared to the normal tiger. or maybe the normal tiger is too common already so when i see a white tiger i find it pretty? the theory works both way lah hor?? hahaha...basically the tiger also quite poor thing. it just keep walking the in the same routine over and over and over and over and over again. Until I can just wait at one spot with my camera ready waiting for it to come over (cus i know it definitely will stick the the same route) to take the perfect shot.

The below photo of the white tiger not bad right???

Now, monkey evonne has evolved to tour guide evonne. funny hor, there is like 3 adults there but she is the one holding the map and walking at the frontline, guiding us where to go etc. however sometimes i realised that she will hold the map like upside down =.=

thanks to the multiple signage there, we are able to maneuver ard the zoo ourself without the map cus she just refuse to pass us the map, insisting that she knows how to read the map...

Here is tour guide evonne saying HELLO!

As this trip is like sometime back, look at my short hair! i got it cut at KSL. the hair cut is ok lah, but the fringe is terribly short and i look weird in that kinda shorter than eyebrow de fringe. so no choice lo, i have to pin it up...

Look at the 2 old lady leisurely strolling behind while i need to keep in pace with monkey evonne at the frontline. Poor me.

Went ahead to see the first show, Elephant of Asia. But the venue is so so so packed with people that, the crowd extends out to somewhere near the entrance! Crazy crowd.

Cus of evonne's height, she cannot really see the show thus she is not enjoying and requested to leave early. she told sis that the show is boring and she dun like. of cus lah, cannot see how to like. I wanted to finish watching the show but she is like behind whining: here v hot leh, so many mosquito, why not nice one yiyi wants to watch blah blah blah. I got so pissed that I left halfway while enjoying the show.

Since we predicted the crowd already, i suggested that we should go early to the venue for the next show so that we can secure a good seat w good view and not squeezed at the back like sardine with the rest of the people. Of cus the 2 old lady agree lah, haven rested since we stepped into the zoo.

My mum n sis says HARLOW~~

Since we are just sitting there and there is nth to do, so i just told a selca lo (whats new right) and realised that my hair is super messy. hahaha. and look!!!! my fringe is so short then even when i pin up, there is still some fringe too short even to be pinned.

Wanted to take photo of the 3 of us one. But the fourth wants to photobomb. =.=
Dunno why i look like neither of them leh. Mayb i was picked up from the rubbish bin?

Ok lah, take one with monkey evonne lah.

Went the msia the day before and got some snacks for them to munch on cus the snacks pricing at the zoo is like super ex? in fact, anything bought in the zoo is like super duper expensive lah..

Got gardenia waffles cus i like it. evonne tried and like it too!!

The funny thing is: after we went home, my sis took the remaining waffle to inspect (i bought 4) and realised that it expired. =.=

Know that my sister loves to eat popcorn. So when i saw this is msia, i just buy for her lo

Please look at the crazy crowd. Was so happy that we came here to sit first lo!

Both side is like almost fully filled with people people and people

Before the show started, I asked evonne if she wanna go down to the stage if can, cus i know that they will surely ask for volunteers. she said she wanted. so i told her to raise up her hand when they are asking for volunteer.

And indeed, they asked for child volunteer!! So i quickly ask her to stand up and wave her hand frantically. then on my part, i kept pointing at her. due to our superb seat, the emcee saw this 2 siao char bo frantically waving so she was invited down *SO MUCH WIN*

But she din know whats in for her yet, MUHAHAHAHAHHA~

As she walk down the stairs to the front, the zookeeper just brought out a snake which is coiled up. Immediately her footsteps slow down and begin to walk slowly. the emcee, sensing tt she might be scared actually said:

"Looks like this little kid is abit afraid of the snake, shall we have another volunteer?"

Then she faster walk towards him.

Emcee: Whats your name?
Evonne: Evonne
Emcee: Hi Evonne! Are you scared?
Evonne: Erm, a little bit lah
Emcee: You want to try holding?
Evonne: Ok lo

Look at her scared face!!!!

The emcee allow her to touch the snake first, before allowing her to hold it.

Brave evonne is holding the snake now! When she return to the seat, she said it was so exciting and the snake wasnt slimy as what she thot. she even ask sis to buy the photo which the official photographer took cus she wanna show her frens. But after my sis told her that one photo cost like $15 bucks, then she dun wan liao

The bday girl kena saboed on stage. haha

My sis!

Spotted this chameleon. Nature is a amazing place isnt it?

Is this like a monitor lizard??

and my daring mum actually attempted to catch the tail with her hand. i scolded her for doing it cus when the monitor lizard might just flare up when someone catch the tail. what if it turn its head over and bite?

Then evonne saw this slurpy van and wanted one. so sis bought for her lo. it cost 5bucks wor!

Monkey evonne with her slurpy drink! Went their foodcourt to have lunch after that. Luckily i have the zoo pass, I gt entitled to 10% discount. the food quite ex thou. nasi lemak cost $9.

Then its giraffe feeding time! dunno why tt evonne loves feeding giraffe so much. and we were quite lucky cus we got the 2nd last bowl of feeds for the giraffe.

Come giraffe, mum mum

Eh, no more?

My turn lah!

Where you going??? I want more foooooood!

This unglam shot is taken by sis lah!

Mum is tired already so we found a place to sit down and rest.

Me taking a selca w monkey evonne on my phone!

Eh, you taking pic of me??

Mum and our famous ah meng!

I wanted to take a decent shot w our ah meng but got photobombed by monkey instead...

Next we headed on to the polar bear enclosure. It was so packed with people that i dun rili bother to squeeze and take photo with the bear. instead, i chose to take photo with the fake polar bear!!

Pardon me but, my ass looks huge here!

I kinda like this photo! wanted to take a solo shot but monkey dont allow me to do so. oh well~

and yet, she can have a solo shot herself =.=

Ended off the day with ben n jerry ice cream which i din manage to take a photo with. Wait, mayb i did, mayb its in the phone but im super lazy to go and dig it out.

FYI, zoo is open 365days a year, even during CNY!!! I really urge our foreigner friends to go and visit our zoo cus i think the standard is really good!! (after reading sad news about tiger hung to its death at other zoo, barricade for the tiger den looks weak etc)

Do drop by their website at http://www.zoo.com.sg/ to check out their timing for the shows and plan your itinerary well, dont say i never share with you cus their shows is rili fantastic!! In addition to the shows, there are also feeding sessions for certain animals. You just need to pay a small amt of money to buy their feeds and u can feed them too!! Not only that, there are special experiences such as Elephant and pony rides too!! Which means, you can spend an enjoyable day at the zoo with ur family!!

Dun hesitate, ignite the child in you once again! its time to visit the zoo again, right?



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