Sawatdee Kaa~

Mother and I flew off to Thailand for a short vacation! Here's an overall summary!

At the airport
Airline: Tiger Airways
Ticket fare: S$504.97
What I liked: Pleasant with fairly friendly crew
It was only a 2-3 hour flight, so it didn't matter to me that there was no food, entertainment or drinks.

Bloody hell booked when there wasn't an available promotion, quite expensive... 
I opted for BoardMeFirst (additional S$15, if memory serves me right) so I can board the plane and avoid the mad rush to keep my hand carry in the overhead compartment with passengers pushing me. #singaporeans #stereotyping

Check in! #hotellobby
Hotel: Omyim Lodge
Cost: Approx. S$50+ per night, varies due to promotions (can be as low as S$30+)

What I liked: Friendly staff member (literally only one) who can speak English LOL
Clean room, clean washroom
Location: Right in front of Chong Nam Si BTS (train) station
Walking distance to various street stalls for great inexpensive shopping & an awesome massage parlour
Next to Dean and Deluca if you want atas food and macaroons
Next to a Taiwanese diner that has... xiaolongbao!!!

Our first meal- xiaolongbao and pork cake!
Taking the BTS train #likeatourist

Boating around Bangkok
Mother found out that boating around Bangkok is cheaper than taking the taxi, tuk tuk (which is like the taxi, but without air conditioning) or the trains!

Ticket fare: 150 Baht per person
What you get: Unlimited boat rides to any of the 30+ stops (I think) 

We took one of the boats in the wrong direction though, so we got lost for like 30mins to 1 hour. Why? Well, we don't know why due to the communication barrier. 

But it was mainly due to the super ridiculous long wait time for the next boat that was going in the direction we wanted to arrive! The wait time thus far was always just a few minutes long, till we went the wrong direction. Not sure why this particular boat took FOREVER to arrive...


Street food

We were only there for four days, and yet I'm exhausted from walking around everyday! Most of our time was spent shopping, of course.

The place with the most photos, I believe, would be when we visited the palace!

Entrance Fee: 500 Baht per person
Dress code: Clothes must have sleeves & hemlines must be below the knee
For Rent: Sarong (?). You can rent/buy a sarong in the palace, or in various stores right outside the palace
Renting a sarong: 30 Baht + 70 Baht deposit (able to collect upon return of sarong)
Buying a sarong: 100 Baht (varies depending on which store you go to/how awesome your bargaining skills are)

Check out future posts about the awesomeness that is the Palace, and a glimpse into the paradise I was in- shopping paradise, that is. v^^v



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