Thai Palace Day!

There's so many photos! So I'll divide it to prevent a super long post! ^^

It's just photo posts, because well, my long written wordy posts are kinda boring and let le photos speak for themselves!

We asked someone with a DSLR, with a group of people each with their own DSLRs and looking professional, to help us take a shot, and this is photo above the result.

I'm no photographer, but either she couldn't be bothered to help us properly, or she must be some amateur photographer or hipster?? Idk but this photo doesn't look that great. I appreciate her help, but I hope that she really isn't good (since not anyone who has a DSLR is a photographer after all^^), rather than couldn't give a shit to help us properly.

<3 CLOUDS <3
Me trying to be artistic... teehee!


The next few photos are close up of the massive piece of art that is the entire wall of a building.

Gorgeous, but I couldn't capture all the gloriousness with my mother's digital camera. Use your imagination to substitute the muted colours with vibrant golds, reds, ivories... hahaha

Photos also don't show how hot it was!! It was 38 degrees celsius (it was 32 in Singapore that day according to my iPhone haha), but it's not as humid as Singapore, so it was totally more bearable. Wish Singapore wasn't so humid...

Look out for my next post, with more of the beautiful palace!



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