World's Largest Lying Buddha!

If I didn't remember wrongly, we went to the temple with the world's largest reclining Buddha!

Buddha was just chilling there in really awesome and the usual elaborate details. It's really so huge that words cannot describe that feeling of, well, awe that you get when you see it! My mother was pretty excited to see this!

Robe is provided for us to "dress politely", and my mother wore her bagpack underneath, resulting in this cute turtle look hahaha
Unfortunately, by the time we reached the Flower Market (and it rained pretty heavily on our way there, everything was closed. All we could see were flowers wrapped in newspaper...
Tuk tuk! #firsts #firstexperience

Phew, I think that's the bulk of photos I have for the Thailand trip. It was wonderful to finally go abroad (other than Malaysia, it doesn't feel like going abroad when heading in to City Square and other nearby areas of M'sia) after about three years of not going abroad.

Infrequent vacations make me appreciate it more, I realized!



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