Family Time at Red Ginger, IMM

With a long break between lesson and nothing to do, I decided to call up my parents instead of hanging out with some friends as usual. My father wasn't working, so it was a great chance for us to hang out!

Seeing as I had another class later on in the day, we went someplace nearby- IMM at Jurong East!

That was the day I found out that my dad really enjoyed the food at this little diner named Red Ginger, located at IMM Level 1.

I soon realized why- Red Ginger has all the foods that my father shouldn't be eating! Curry, spices, fried food galore! Look at the difference between what my father ordered, and what I ordered. Heehee.

Dad's food

My food
After eating all that, my dad sighed heavily and said that he would need to exercise for some time to make up for the sinful food. Hehehe.

 It's not as if our family is excessively health conscious (actually, we ought to be a little more health conscious), it's because my father needs to keep his cholesterol level down.

Below is some kueh my mother ordered! It was 10am, way to early for Red Ginger to have prata available, so my mother decided to just get kueh and have a proper meal later for lunch.

I just had to take a shot of them together! :) #socute

Another revelation! Haha. This was the day I found out how much my mother loves her sugar!

She's always rejected sweet snacks like chocolates and ice cream. The most she would eat is Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, because according to her, it's not that sweet.

So it turns out that she loves sweet food, but only certain kinds of "sweet" appeals to her!

Sugar Spam
My parents sent me back to school after the munchies. Yay~

So glad to have the chance to spend time with my parents like them!

- Anna


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