Internet is a Religion?

The Internet has a shitload of information, some nonsense ones, some not so nonsensical. But it all showed me how lucky I am!

I'm lucky that I have parents who love me too much (better than not enough right! haha).
I'm lucky that I don't have major health issues.
I'm lucky that I don't have to deal with huge decisions such as living life as a transgender and the like.*
I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about where my next meal comes from, and to have a roof over my head every night.
I'm lucky that I am fairly educated. 
I'm lucky that I have truly awesome friends- few, but great ones!

The list goes on.

My loving parents (photo from instagram @chocolateme21)

*Meaning, it can be very very confusing for them to come to terms with the fact that they feel as if they are born in the wrong body and to make the decision to leave it, or do sth about it. And then having to deal with society. Or if they hide it from society, they have to decide whether to tell their future boyfriend/girlfriend. Plus their surgery can be dangerous and expensive, as with most surgeries. Etc Etc. 

This made me realize that I'm learning from the Internet to count my blessings. As I watch My Strange Addictions, I realize that I take it for granted that I live a fairly normal life, with no desire to drink pee or eat pottery. As I watch Superfat VS Superskinny, I realize that I am so lucky that by most standards, have been considered fairly slender. Not happy that I'm considered "airport" la, but I realize that I should be lucky to have any at all. Doesn't stop me from complaining about being "airport", though. Teehee. 

Overall, I realize that I'm very fortunate.

Haha then it hit me that I am appreciative of my life and all that despite not having a religion, and my friends tell me that being religious has taught them this. Religion has even helped my ex overcome depression (or maybe deal with, I'm sure that no one can truly be cured of depression), because he found support and is able to see the light in his life. 

So... Internet... Youtube... is my religion??


- Anna


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