Sorry for the super duper long hiatus!!!

My company finally unblocked thus FINALLY im able to blog during work hours again!!! Yays to slacking during work!! In case u think that we're slacking, we are not! We are both active in dayre! So do follow our Dayre account at:

Well, life for me is boring as usual? Haha, thats like the typical life of a young boring singapore working adult aint it? 

Oh yah!!! I just went for fortune telling not long ago, with Master Lynn Yap. For those who dunno who she is, you can google about her. Apparently she is the Queen of Fengshui in Singapore! =D

Why do i go fortune telling?

1. My life hasnt been rili v smooth since the start of this year
2. Got backstab at work and being accused of doing stuff I nv did
3. Small hiccups here and there during my HK trip (name typed wrongly at counter, got back wrong change, shoes say byebye, counter gave me wrong no of tickets etc)
4. Guangzhou trip got cancelled
5. Promises made to me were broken (I still believe the promise will come true!)
6. People whom i think i know well suddenly turned into a stranger. (Weird)
7. My session was supposed to be in March, but got postponed to June (mayb cus she sensed that im super bad luck? HAHAHA)

In short, I had a nice chatting session with her. Whether to believe it or not, its up to your ownself. She will give insights and tips of how to improve ur life, and the rest is up to you.

Basically my life is ok one, just that i will have bad love luck. my 'potential' one will be coming in a few years time (not gonna divulge here) and if i miss it, the nx one will be when im 46. and i told her that no need wait for 46 lah, i will go buy BTO when im 35 already!! HAHA!!!

During the session, she will share with you what is your favourable/unfavourable
1. Colour (clothes, undergarments, bag, wallet etc)
2. Number (Hp num)
3. Places to stay
4. Wad can you do to improve in the element you are lacking in
5. Work wise
6. Which zodiac more suitable to be ur hubby/bf
7. Zodiac of ur gui ren
8. And of cus, your 8th characters

Basically, you can prepare a list of qn to ask her also but do not expect any definite answers thou. So learn to act your question tactfully. Wad stunned me is that she is actually quite spot on on some of the stuffs that happened in my life! and that definitely wows me

And those things that she asked me to get are all affordable? With the most expensive thing being a diamond pendant (but my sis gave me) and a pearl bracelet (proudly sponsored by anna's mum!) Im slowly clearing the checklist step by step so that I can meet my prince charming earlier and need not wait a few years ar?

Call me traditional or wad but i still wish to get married by 28 and have a child before the age of 30. i will wanna end up be a "gao ling can fu" cus risk is higher and children will be dumber(?).... LOL! So prince charming, faster find your way and come to me ok!!! 

Those who are interested, she is Master Lynn Yap! You can find her contact from googling about her i guess? Thats all for today's post!

I WILL BE BACK! *muahhaahhahaha*



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