Summer Florals- but darker, just the way I like it

Florals! Xiu and I are totally into floral prints now, but we have different preferences when it comes to the designs.

This is her style!

I took it from the photos edited for her birthday "e-card" haha.

And this is mine!

Yes, you naysayers, black is typically a fall colour, but heyyy... Me no care. ^^

I think that this "colour of the season" thing is especially unnecessary in Singapore, where we technically have summer throughout the year! 

Totally hiding my wardrobe, door and light switch in the collage. Lol.

Floral crown: Lovisa (gifted)
Top: Taobao ($4?)
Skorts: Thailand ($6?)
Necklace: Flea @ Scape ($2-3)
Hairtie: Bazaar @ SIM ($1.50)
Barefoot, just because.

No wait, I can think of a better excuse. I'm channeling a forest nymph vibe. Yea.

I'll probably have to sell my clothes in the near future due to my family's relocation, and at the same time, exploring my options to bring in brand new clothing to sell again.

So I'll probably be selling my wardrobe as well as selling new clothes if possible. There's still that little wannabe entrepreneur in me.

- Anna


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