Vegetarian Pasta

Went out with the girls the other day!

These two silly girls are my close friends in school right now. We've gotten really close in these few months of school!

One of them is a vegetarian, and she brought us out to a cute little vegetarian diner. The food we ordered didn't even look vegetarian! As in, it can be found in any store that sells pasta!

It was all so delicious too! I can't eat a whole bowl full of potatoes like these girls can, but I suppose such a dish would be really appealing to those who can...? Haha. I had my usual fungi fusilli. I usually order the mushroom. Yum! We got there late, so we were all super hungry and dug in immediately... so photos are just me, and us being silly! ^^

You can see that we are soooo great at taking selfies, right? lol. 

Girl time is great time! Whee~



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