Yet another photo attempt

Those who know me will know that I'm fickle minded. I'd join a class (like Korean language class, right Xiu?? Hehe) and soon, find that my "passion" had fizzled out.

I'd had:
Chinese calligraphy
3 piano teachers
Abacus lessons
Taekwondo class- once with the Federation, the other time with the Association
Swimming lessons
Art lessons
Idk what else?

Some went on for a few months #successkid, but I completed none. Like, zero. Zilch. Nada. Big goose egg.

Currently, I've been trying to take nicer photos! Maybe I've been following too many people on Instagram who takes fantastic shots, but it made me want to improve my photos as well. It's not like I'm a very busy person (at the moment) anyway.

And so, here's me wildly swinging the skirt around to get a swishy effect!

Top: Bought off Instagram (S$7?)
Skirt: Bangkok (~S$4?)

It's harder than it looks!

I know, I know... my green-black-white speckled marble floor can be seen. On top of that, all my photos are cropped to the extreme because of my wardrobe and light switch being in the shots. Haha. That's pretty much the best I can do in my rather crowded home. I backed up right to the wall after I saw the first few shots, one of which looked like this:

Like, my nose and part of my eye could be seen, but that looked so creepy to me that I cropped the top out as well.

Sometimes, I don't understand why I do such things as well. 


Edit: And now I'm over this too! :'D


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