Vegetarian food in Singapore!

Recently, I've been getting increasingly interested in trying vegetarian food. My friend, who has been a vegetarian pretty much all her life, has made me become more aware of the vegetarian cuisine, if you would.

She's brought me to a few vegetarian places, and I must say, I really enjoyed the food in each establishment so far! 

But this has made me realize how difficult it can be to find places that offers vegetarian-friendly menus!

Although... I do get hungry so quickly after each meal. This friend explained to me that a no-meat diet wouldn't keep my hunger at bay for as long as a meaty diet would, because we just digest it faster (and cleaner?). As a result, I stuff my face at each vegetarian meal.

Now I understand why the portion sizes are so huge!

Lastly, I'd like to clarify that I don't mean that I want to become a vegetarian myself. I'd be cheating every week if I did that! While I may not be evil (although some staunch vegans may think me evil for eating meat), I lack the motivation to stay off a meat diet simply because it is not what I believe in. Let's respect each other on this, yea? :)

Looking forward to trying more vegetarian food!

- Anna


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