Sawatdee Kaa~ Round 2!

Thanks to the $400 Scoot vouchers I won from a previous event, my mother and I jetted off to Bangkok for a spontaneous short trip!

Spontaneous only because I forgot that the vouchers existed and they were about to expire.

But still, it was fun!

Air Fare after discount: S$83.95
Round trip, for both my mother and I

Mom and I stayed at Omyim Lodge again! This time, however, we upgraded to Type D, the superior room. It was exactly like Type C, but more spacious, with a larger fridge!

Total cost after GST and service charge: S$84.23
That's for 2 nights, 2 pax! Booked through

We took a cab (more cab-related info at the end) to Rayong and visited Suphattraland Rayong, which is a huge fruit farm, wayyy too huge to walk. Thank goodness for the open air tram that brings visitors to various stops around the farm!

My mom was so eager to visit this place, she was as excited as I was when I went to Disneyland!

Cost of entry ticket: Approx. 400 baht (S$16)
What it gets you: all the fruits you can eat, a free tram tour and a free drink

The complimentary slushie! So refreshing and sweet, no idea what it was.

My mom in a fruit farm is a happy mom indeed.

Buying fruit flavoured chips and biscuits!

Some random pet owl next to the "mama shop"

Picking our own rambutans!

At one stop of the tour was a canteen area, where they served up regular salad, papaya salad (whipped up on the spot for you) and grapes. Those are complimentary! You can also purchase drinks and tidbits at very reasonable prices.

There was even a honey farm portion of the tour! This Honey World was pretty small, but still worth a look since we were already there! You can of course, buy honey there.

Getting up close and personal with the bees in their home. No cover, no protective gear!
Allow me to ramble on about my outfit for a bit here. Hahaha. A few days before the flight to Bangkok, I received my order from I believe it's DIDD Le Floral Paper Bag Shorts (Autumn) [UPDATE: The online mall I bought this from, ChicKissLove, is now defunct. I think]. It was on sale at $15! Not the cheapest, but it's hard to find shorts in my size since I'm normally a size L or XL for my bottom.

Needless to say... the model looked much better in it than I did.

Mom wanted me to try a jump shot. I have a fun mom. WOooo!

Got it on the 2nd shot! Albeit blurry. #lowstandards
After Honey World, I went over to the gift shop for some shopping, whereas my mother went to the fruit stalls to check out the fresh fruits. After her fruit window shopping, she came over and found great joy in putting this sequinned Minnie Mouse ears on me and snapping a shot.

Anyway, below is a list of fruits at the farm, and the activities on the tour!

- Edited to the extreme for more legibility lol -

Click on the photos for an enlarged view, or just use CTRL + "+" to zoom in. Obviously, hit CTRL + "-" to zoom back out. :)

Aside from that, here's how to actually get to Rayong! I'm sure there's other ways, but this is how we did it.

Choice of transportation: Cab from BTS Chongnomsi to Rayong
Duration: Close to a 3 hour drive
Cost: Approx. _________
*The cabbie wanted to charge us -_______ but we bargained. On top of that, we met another traveler who agreed to split the cost of transportation with us.

We felt bad that the taxi driver had nothing to do for 2-3 hours (it was too isolated a place for anyone to flag a cab), so we invited him to join us and we all went in to explore the farm together! Lol.

Top row: the Aussie traveller & cabbie | Second row: Mom & me
Travel Tip! 
Ask the cabbie when the peak hours are. You wouldn't want to be caught in a traffic jam when you're heading off to the farm (or wherever), or when you're going back to your hotel, right?

With everywhere becoming so advanced in everything, it's a great change of pace and scenery to visit a farm, where the quiet serenity gives such calmness in people (or in me, at least!). Most of us haven't had the chance to pick fruits off the tree and eat it on the spot too; I was pretty glad to have experienced that at this farm. #epicfreshness



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