B invited me to stay at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! It was a wonderfully relaxing 2 day 1 night stay~

The high ceiling of the MBS lobby is pretty awesome! I so didn't get the yellow lantern structure things, but I guess that's art.

It was a pretty last minute deal, so I wore simple denim shirt-dress and my booties! Booties flew right off once we entered the room, but I eagerly put them back on when B said we could go get food. Yay food!

We're all trying to cut down on the spending and some of us were trying to cut calories too, but we couldn't resist Mexican! Hence, Rasapura at the Level 1 Food Court was the answer to our hunger!

Too yummy!

We got room 4063. Wooooo! The lift lobby even looked pretty luxurious with a patterned carpet, with matching patterns on the lift doors. The photo does not do it justice! But it will in a few years when the carpet's all old, faded and worn out.

There's this really intricate pattern along the corridors that I love.

It's pretty high up for me, because I have a little fear of heights. Looking at the view from the lift lobby of 20+ storeys up in the air was not too pleasant- there was only a glass window acting as a barrier to keep me from falling!!! #paranoia

I prefer the view from the room, though. I felt a greater sense of security from the sturdier looking balcony, as compared to the glass window from the lift lobby.

Just spent the time chilling and relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

I need more chill time like this! ^^



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