The Travel Bug Bit Me

Throwback to my old trips.

LA, California- Hollywood Walk of Fame. We found Tinkerbell!

Nevada, maybe. Can't stop shopping- it's legit Native American handmade goods! So beautiful!
Yea even a hotel lobby photo was exciting to take. That's my giant (empty) cup from the hotel poolside bar. Hehehe.

Disney World- Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach woooo!

The world really is becoming so accessible these days!

I see my friends going abroad to study, work or just play all over social media, or it would come up in our conversations and they'd tell me how excited they were be going to Bali or London.

There's just something super awesome about going to a foreign place. I like to call it "magical". It must be some Disney-fied part of me that still remained even after graduating from the Disney University for so many years.

Regardless, when I'm abroad, I feel like people don't really judge me. Or well, they do, but their judgements are pretty insignificant to me, so it's kind of like they don't really judge me. #annalogic

And when I feel free from judgement, I feel more uninhibited. I can do whatever I want! And usually, I do. I selfie everywhere if I happen to be by myself. I'd talk to anyone who looks friendly if I'm bored. Regular, mundane things like walking along a pathway just becomes more magical simply because I'm in a fresh new environment!

The best part is the feeling of total freedom.

No stress. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I love that about being abroad. You know, to just forget about life and all the responsibilities I have.

Yep. The travel bug has bitten me real hard.

- Anna


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