Xiu's HONGKONG trip Part 1~~~

Oooops! I know that im suppose to blog about my Korea trip which happened in December 2013 but when I look at the amount of photos i have to upload, I decided to blog about my hongkong trip first cus there is relatively lesser pictures there (due to the shorter duration i stayed there) 

Got meet w some suay stuff but im not gonna mention them here!! (I think i got mention them before but this is a happy post so nahhhh, not suay stuff!)

First and foremost! Lemme introduce to you my travelling partners!!!

This is Paula!! She's a korean but i know her in Singapore. 

And this is Emily! My uni BFF!

We took SQ to hongkong cus its on promo fare! the flight is like $294 to n fro Hongkong! Cheap or wad??
Cus we took the afternoon flight, by the time we checked in to the hotel and come out, its already time for dinner! So we went to the street behind us to have our dinner!

Ever since the HK trip i went during 2009 with NTUCO, i have been missing beef curry tendon cus its just soso delicious! and when i saw a famous curry beef tendon shop, I went crazy and told them I wan to eat that and they agreed!!!

How do i know that its famous?? Cus the shop is pasted with loads of celebrity photo including my newest favourite idol GEM TANG!! Omg! i super super love her rendition of 'Long Juan Feng' and her voice is~ wooots!

This is me and my beef curry tendon! And im donned in purple tt day! I like pastel colour! LOL!

 Ooops, din manage to take photo of their food cus we were simply too hungry i guess so we gobbled down the food the moment we saw it! Paula had curry beef tendon noodle and Emily, wanton mee. Their wanton is rili shiok max! the prawn is like soooo succulent and fresh!! *im hungry now*

after dinner we went to the shopping street behind our hotel and did mini shopping!

This is the famous bai jia wei which emily introduced us!

Since we just had dinner, emily just buy 1 and we share! Very unique! I like~
After this then we went back to hotel to unpack our stuff. Oh yah, we stayed at King de Nathan Hotel's triple room which is just a 5mins walk away from Yau Ma Tei station! the room is about 200/night and is booked from Agoda.com!

The next morning!!! we had breakfast at a local char chan teng! and I super love the details of this cup so no matter what, I have to take a photo of it!

Emily and her can mian! which is maggie noodle w luncheon meat and egg!

Thats me and my ham n cheese macaroni w toast set!

Thats paula with her sandwich!!

After dinner, off we go to DA YU SAN!
All thanks to emily who have the route planned out for us already! she's like the master planner. we just need to follow to her smartly planned scheduled can liao!

Thats us on the train! As per what emily has planned, we were very on time!

Toilet shots!

Solo shot! I had clio lipnicure on! Totally love the colour but it will make my lips dry! so must rili moisturize it
 Anyway, tips for you guys! Do you all know that you can actually purchase the cable car tickets online? Not only is it convenient, there is an 10% discount if you buy the package of one way crystal cabin and one way normal cabin! But the downside is that u die die have to go on the day u buy if not its invalid. means no changing of itinerary in short?

And boy, we were SO SO SO glad that we bought! Cus when we reach the admission ticketing booth. I only have 4 words to say: PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA

and this sign greeted me: Approximate waiting time to counter: 1.5hr

HENG AR! i bought online, so i showed the paper e-ticket to the staff and they let me walk in all the way. then we found ourselves at the tour group queue. Then I still find something strange cus stilll needa wait for 30mins more cus there is quite a number of tour grps infront of me! So i asked them to stay in the queue and I went to check out other counter. AND I SAW A ONLINE TICKETING BOOTH (and there is no queue at all)!!!! and just so lucky that the e-ticket is with me so i exchange it for our tickets then i signalled emily and paula to come out of the queue and we proceeded to queue to board the cabin.

So people, PLS BOOK UR TIC ONLINE! got discount and can skip queue. wad else more can you ask for? **its my first time taking the crystal cabin btw** and luckily i do not have height phobia~

Our shoes!! I need like tt pair of blue shoes! I bought it during sales at the foggaire boutique at nex BUT it died on me in HK! eh wait, Im not supposed to talk about suay stuff right? HAHA~

Well, Emily is a lil scared of height i think?? Look at her stoned face?

 After that she loosened up and smile!!!!
 Thats paula and me on the other side, both of us dun have height phobia!!!

 Look at how clear the water is!

Think emily conquered a lil  bit of her height phobia?

This is daredevil Paula!

Emily and Paula~ my travelmates!

Emily and me and my white fat leg!

Attempting to do a heart shape~

Failed emo shot T.T

More successful?

Paula is rili good at taking photos with different expression!

My fav pose? LOL! *act cute*

Look at the picturesque scenery!

Attempting to open the door. but failed expression!

Paula show me how to do it the right way!

Is this shot better? But i think i still look comical here?

Groupshot again!

Imagine trekking this route up the mountain instead of taking the cable car? OMG! so long and steeeep!

Aeygeo Paula!

A more chio shot!

This is our imitating Emily's signature smiling eyes! Did we do it right?

Here is the original 'smiling eyes'!

The touhua that Emily highly recommended!!

3 bowl of fantastic cold touhua in the hot sweltering weather!

Paula enjoying hers!!

Me and my mighty umbrella~~~
 The gate???
 the urn infront of the staircase!

while climbing the stairs!
 Paula loves emo shots!!!

 and i love happy shots!
 Say hello to the world!
Paula touching the top of the mountain!!!!
 The almighty BIG BUDDHA!
 selfie on top of the peak!
 Emily trying to take a shot of the big buddha!
 Paula and the big buddha!
 Me and the big buddha! Buddha buddha, pls grant my wish!
 I find this photo epicly funny. cus emily resemble the figurine behind!!!! HAHAHA
 Our vegetarian lunch at the peak!!!
 Even taking photo w a tree looks so nice!
 My turn to take photo with the nice nice tree~
 a kind tourist helped us take this grp shot. its seems impossible for us to take a photo of us and the big buddha via selfie right? unless i have like super duper long hand =.=
 on our way back, saw this fortune kitty shop!!!
 spot the difference! hahaha! quite obvious hor? got another fat girl (me) inside!
 DONUT LOVES! munch munch munch
 a nice shot w the colourful donut!
 on the way down, we met this family where the mother has serious height phobia. and the child is so cute cus she keep poking fun of her mother~
 Bye big buddha~~~~i'll be back~~~

Oh yah!! After we come down from the mountain, we actually went to city gate outlet to shop but i din manage to get anything cus everything is still expensive to me!! im a damn cheapo pax one! paula din get anything too but emily shopped alot! she bought like 9 pcs of clothes in esprit and 4 more in giodarno?

Afterwhich we proceeded to have our dinner somewhere near the avenue of stars!!

Our dinner at a famous wanton mee stall! Paula and her barley!
 Emily and her iced milk tea!
 Me and my lemon tea~
 Our side dishes!!
 After which we went to stars avenue to take a look at the light show!
 Pretty night view right?
 Just like sg?
 Endless stretch!
The light show is....so so? Anyway it happens everyday at 8pm so be there before 8 if u wanna catch the light show!

Spot these funny statues outside their art museum! can you spot me??

Basically that pretty sums up my day 1 and day 2 in Hongkong!
Stay tune for the next part of my trip!!!



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