Xiu's HONGKONG trip part 2!!!

WOOHOOOOO~~~ my first dimsum in hongkong, recommended by Emily cus she came here before! the porridge is really not bad! I like chee cheong fun thus i ordered the rice roll and its niceeeeee! WOOTS

Whats hongkong without dimsum man? Hongkong is the LAND OF DIMSUM right?

WHEEEE~ my prawn flavour chee cheong fun. and trust me, the prawn is so juicy and succulent!!!!
OH YAH!! remember to sterilize you utensil using the hot water they provide prior to using it. everyone around us is doing it so we people see, people do and follow exactly the same thing!



After breakfast we went to Kwai Chung Plaza to shop. The MTR station was Kwai Fung if i din remember wrongly. The place is recommended by Stella (she went hongkong for exchange for like 3 mths) for cheap shopping! cus majority of the places we went to sell clothes at such a skyhigh pricing!!!

AND I LOVE KWAI CHUNG PLAZA!!! a lot of the clothes is only going like at HKD50 which is slightly less than 10SGD. Cheap or wad? Majority of the shops doesnt allow us to take photo so i din manage to capture any photo there.

Emily bought like 12 pieces of clothings there cus its comes in plus size and the designs are all so trendy and nice!! I bought few pieces for my mum and myself too~~ this plaza is machiam our bugis street. its like a must-go place nx time for me. Just like i will definitely go 'The zoo' for some shopping if im at beijing!

After some tiring shopping, we to have an early dinner before heading back to the hotel to put our stuff before heading to the peak. we din wanna bring our barang barang there!

This time round, we had western food cus majority of the restaurant isnt open for dinner time yet.

Me and the PIZZA. i think shoulder length hair suits me leh. Wad do you guys think? Jus realise i like this photo a lot cus my head is smaller than the pizza!!

Same thing as the cable car tickets, we bought the tickets online first to skip the queue. Bought the set one, peak and madam tussad together! But this one ok la, the queue wasnt long so if u just wanna get the tickets there, its ok de! the queue isnt as crazy as the cable car de and there is no discount online??

On board the tram up to the peak! and to my surprise, there are rili people staying at half peak lo! either they stop halfway to walk up to the peak or they stop halfway to walk to their house? In short, there are rili people who alighted halfway. HAHA

As usual, the kiasu me is able to secure a seat for all of us. Im sitting at the very inside, paula middle and emily outside. Emily, v kind as usual, saw a kid and gave up her seat to the little child! And since the tram is going up the hill at the 45degree angle, emily is also standing at an angle of 45degree (while im sitting comfortably and taking pictures of her =p )

i din take much photo cus I went like twice before and the exhibition doesnt change much de.
So my main job is to help them take photo??

Emily w Edward?? Sorry but i din watch Twilight....

 Emily n her bf, Lee Min Ho

Well, he is Paula's boyfren too!

Me like a QUEEN!

Obama's secretary!

Ok, who is it?

Me at Mr Lee! Really have to thank him for all he has done for Singapore!

HAHA!! Why people keep saying IM FROM CHINA?

Paula n Gandhi!

My attempt at messy hair with Einstein! Mayb i will score straight A's if i have messy hair like Einstein?

 You wanna dance with me??

Now is Paula's turn to dance with you!

This photo is damn hilarious?? Until i dunno wad to put as caption!

This is the HAHAHA! im peeking at u!

Hello princess, wad are you looking at?

Emily w johnny depp!

HEYHEY! my skirt isnt flying!

The kinda scene you will see in romance movie

the gigantic tall tall yaoming w emily trying to block his balls!

Mr Woods, wad are you looking at?

First, second and third?

Paula: I'LL BOX YOU!


Lady GAGA and me have same same hairstyle?


watcha looking at spidey?

Mr Wolverine!

Iron PAULA-man


come come, just take me pls

Where is my claws ar?

No claws so must compensate with the expression!

Iron EMILY-woman



Astro PAULA taking off!

Astro XIU


Cute paula and doraemon!

Kill me pls!!
 im stabbed~~

I think i blend into the surrounding =.=

NIU MO WANG!! i give u pig face!

Lee Xiao Xiu!

Lee Paula


Paula's famous emo shot!


Basically it was very very misty that day that we couldnt see any night scenery at all. But oh well, we are already very lucky that it nv rain that day.

After that i went to meet my hongkong fren, Hiutong where she brought us for massage! and brought me to eat authentic street food stall selling cow intenstine! We also went back women street to get Paula's drawing. as well as the camera for Ranjith and air purifier for myself!

Not only that, we also chatted all the way until my hotel! So literally, she walked me home! Sweet or wad??

A happy me with my street food!

Well nx day I din take much photo cus my camera batt went flat and i forgot to charge the night before cus I FORGOT! basically, nth much happen, we just went to get wad was needed, some souvenior, food etc.

OH YAH! my shoes gave up on me. So i went back to the jap shop i saw during Day 1 to get a new pair of shoes and im still wearing it till now! Jap shoes can rili last and they are mad comfy! Its from SHUCA and i wonder if Singapore carry this brand. I bought it during discount at HKD120 (UP HKD 349) and its totally worth it! If Singapore have this brand and its on promo as well, I wun hesitate to buy cus the quality is reaaaaaaally good!

Tt pretty much sums up my hongkong trip! Short but exciting!
If there any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will try to answer it to the very best of my knowledge!




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