Ashcombe Maze

Australia is amazing, with so many beautiful sights to see. One of these amazing places that I went to is Ashcombe Maze and Lavendar Gardens.

One word describes this gorgeous place in the dead of the winter: Ethereal.

Even with most things dead and withered, the serenity, with the crunching of soil and gravel beneath my boots, gave Ashcombe a mysterious feel.

I was greeted with some greenery and beautifully carved structures, such as the ornate pot and fountain below.

Walking along, I found myself lost in Mother Nature.

   To my delight, I found a few surviving blossoms.

Seeing as how Ashcombe Maze is known for its, well, Mazes, I decided to quickly pop into one of the three labyrinths. How I wished I had more time to explore the whole of Ashcombe!

The tall hedges serving as walls of the maze blocked out any noise. It really felt as if I were exploring another world, albeit one with only narrow pathways, with nothing more except for the occasional well or gate.

The peace I felt here was a fantastic change from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.
Here's a little glimpse of the maze I was in!

It was all so simple in its design, with wooden signposts and plenty of water features, plants and even a cafe/gift shop! Too bad the cafe and gift shop were closed by the time I had come out of the maze.

I took the opportunity to take some OOTD shots, too, of course, but they turned out to be more of just... girl standing in nature shots? The focus didn't seem to be on my outfit, but I think they turned out great anyway.

If you're ever in the area, you should consider visiting Ashcombe Maze. It's a whole new place with the changing of seasons. I hope I can go back there someday, maybe in the spring.

15 Shoreham Road,
Victoria 3916

+03 5898 6119
+04 3968 8654

  Admission costs AUD 18.50 for adults.
They have a range of prices for different categories. Click here to find out more!

Reservations are NOT needed for admission.

Tag me on instagram @chocolateme21 if you do go. I'd love to see Ashcombe in all its beauty in other seasons!^^


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