Dining at Fortnums | Dandenong, Melbourne

While in Australia, I went to Fortnums for lunch! If you have a big appetite, you should swing by and check out Fortnums, they have a very varied menu, and serve generous portions of food. Read on for more information and photos!

I made a reservation in the afternoon, but I arrived right as they opened the gates for business at 11am. The staff was so welcoming and didn't even mind us arriving too early! *thumbs up* #muchlove

Why? Well, because what I thought was a one hour drive (with 30 mins allowance for getting lost) turned out to be a 30min drive.

Located outside the busy city of Melbourne, well, City, Fortnums is a quaint little restaurant at Dandenong whose menu boasts awesome lunch, dessert, wine and most recently, high tea food items.

The fresh air was rejuvenating! I think it's considered extra fresh air because it's on a mountain.

Look at how cute the interior of this place is! Cleanliness: over level 9000.

Being the first and only customers at that time, we took our own sweet time in taking photos of the entire place, much to the amusement of the restaurant owners.

These are what we ordered.

First up, Roast Beef!

Taken from the official Fortnums website
Wait time: 20-25mins
Presentation: Neat looking haha
Taste: The thinly sliced beef was a little dry, but the gravy totally complemented this dish. In addition, the potatoes were perfect, as were the boiled broccoli and carrots, all served in large, juicy chunks. I liked the sides more than the beef. My friend ordered this, and I didn't get to taste the chutney, but she had nothing but praise for this dish. Unexpectedly, this dish was served a little cold, as if it had been sitting on a counter for some time before serving.

Secondly, Beef Burgundy Pot Pie!

Taken from the Fortnums official website

Wait time: 20-25mins
Presentation: Neat looking as well lol
Taste: It was a little salty, but yay for the generous helping of beef chunks inside! Thank goodness for the pastry on top of the bowl, which helped lessen the saltiness. Again, the sides were super yummy and I liked the sides more than the beef pot pie. This dish wasn't cold- I guess the bread part kept all the heat in?

Lastly, Devonshire Scones!

Taken from the Fortnums official website
I just had a little taste of this as I was super full by this point in time, and also because I'm not a big fan of scones.

Wait time: 10-15mins
Presentation: Pretty! lol
Taste: A little on the dry side, but sweet and crumbly! That's as delicious as it gets when I'm eating scones, but my friend enjoyed it so much that she had some taken away in a napkin! It was served on the cold side as well.

While we were enjoying our food, we saw one of the staff members heading out to put bird feed into the bird feeder-bath area. It was quite a sight to see all the birds flock towards the feed!

Fortnums can be found at:

395 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road
Sassafras 3787

Do make a reservation at +03 9755 1200
I heard the wait time for a seat is pretty long if you don't have a reservation. 
Note: You MUST make a reservation if you want their high tea. Click here for more info!

Operating Hours: 11.00am to 4.00pm

It's so picturesque here that you can even book it for functions and weddings! I personally feel that the chillax ambiance (rather romantic if you make use of how the soft morning light falls in through the gorgeous windows) is perfect for dates/weddings.

Hope you guys will have a super enjoyable time at Fortnums too! :)


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