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Here's a quick food post since Xiu and I have been busy (and sick). A common "excuse", but hey, our blog, our way. ^^

Went to Sushi Express with some girls like... months ago. #throwveryfarback

Regardless, hurray for $1.50 per plate!!!

Get ready for photo spam:

Miso soup: salmon and tofu pieces. Savory MSG-laden yumminess!

Le tofu


Hana Maki

I'm guessing a sort of salmon belly?


Smoked salmon

Mock abalone + mayonnaise

Unidentified item... maybe it's sliced sea clam?
Salmon sashimi

Caramalized sweet potato (our guess)

Flame grilled salmon (also our guess)

Flame grilled salmon again (our guess)
Giant scallop with egg
Giant scallop with egg again because I love it
Giant scallop- without egg! I love this more!

Oops, the arrangement of photos began to get all messed up. Idk why but it's not the first time I've had this problem. I'll just leave it since it makes the post shorter. I always hate scrolling a lot just to get through one post alone. ^^

The food was pretty damn good for just $1.50 per plate! Woo! We ate so much. Luckily, we all wore loose-fitting outfits. #planningahead

I think this is a lot... but it probably pales in comparison to others right?

This branch was at Citylink!

I'll be less busy tmr onwards (can't wait!), so I can prep for the flea with Xiu and J, and then go out with my mom to film some videos! Mom and I decided that we should make more home videos, since the last time we filmed was almost a decade ago. Lol. 

Cardigan and skater skirts to hide the tummy that comes with binging!

Haha thanks to the girls for playing with me as I try to swish the cardigan around... lol #stiff



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