Fat Squirrel Adventures- the beginning of my food adventure!

It's been awhile since I last blogged here! I found a draft that I forgot to post up, and it's totally irrelevant now so I deleted it. But in it, I wrote:

"Right now, I'm trying to finish my assignments way ahead of time, so that I'll have more time to blog! I'll be going out more with some friends who are aspiring food bloggers/foodgrammers, so I hope that means I'll have more fun places and things to blog about!"

Which is so true!

I haven't been blogging because of exams, and I've been rather active on instagram, because I've accepted my friend's offer to join her as a Fat Squirrel!

Haha I hear "Whaaaat?"

A friend and I decided to start up a blog on weebly, documenting foods that we come across. But unlike other food blogs, we decided to narrow down our scope to only places that offer student-friendly prices. As undergrads ourselves, we aren't loaded and we think that eating out is increasingly expensive!

Here's our blog and instagram, do check us out! We really would appreciate feedback, especially since we're novices!


Goodnight all! 


UPDATE: eh... we aren't blogging at the Fat Squirrels anymore! ^^


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