Anna's Vacation Destination- Hong Kong!

#AnnaXiu is really #AnnaXiu! We both went to Hong Kong and we didn't plan it! It's a pity we didn't get to meet up, but it was pretty cool to see that we had taken pictures at the same places. ^^

I had to take a picture with the Christmas decoration at the airport in Hong Kong, but my aunt isn't the best photographer. Still, must appreciate her taking the photo.

Besides, sometimes, I worry that the random stranger I asked to help me take a photo will just run away with my phone/camera. That. Would. Suck.

So after editing, the picture is at least straightened! 

I quickly learned that in Hong Kong, most foods in little eateries are preserved, canned or instant. For example, maggi mee, luncheon meat, sausages and ham.

You even get a little packet of seasoning to add into your soup, if you wanted to do so, as you can see below. My brother was very happy about it. He lives off instant noodles even when we have fresh food at home.

So a simple, non-maggi mee meal would be a plain bun, egg, and ham. While pleasant, I kinda expected something that wasn't so easy to replicate at home. It was a yummy meal tho, so I wasn't too whiny.

This is what the typical menu looks like, if there even is a menu available. Simple fare. I can't say I love this kinda food, but I like it every once in awhile.^^

Another problem I faced in many places that I visited in Hong Kong was the language barrier. I can barely speak Mandarin, and I definitely can't read it. So when there's no photos, this is the kinda menu I'm stuck with. I just pick out words like "chicken", "egg", you know, that sort.

Amazing! It was like, such an awesome retro feeling to see many places serving Horlicks! I love how they don't skimp and dilute it too much.

Being overseas with someone really helps you to get to know them. And with this trip, we all learned that my mother is fairly fluent in Cantonese. Like wha...?

Turns out, she learned it when she watches Canto dramas. It was so useful because she could communicate with the locals who couldn't really speak languages other than Canto!

Anyway, I wanted to be a total tourist, but my family weren't up for that, so I couldn't tourist much. This basically means that I wanted to take pictures of everything, and take lots of OOTDs whenever we passed by someplace with an awesome background. 

I tried to take pics anyway. Here's our first Hong Kong coin! I edited it because my mom hated how her skin dried up in the cold weather there.

 Our first stop was to a temple! I'll link it up when I post it.^^

- Anna -


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