Xiu's Trip to Korea Part 2 - SHOPPING!

HELLO people!!!

Im finally back to blog about my second installment of my Korea trip!!! I have so many trips to blog about cus if i dun, im scared that in future i might forget about it??? and by blogging, i know that it will be sorta 'permanent' and i can come back and read and reminiscence about the trip too (:

Here's the photo of the day!!! Taken right outside Hotel Cello located at Gangnam! 

My sis OOTD~


Whats better than drinking bingrae banana milk early in the morning in KOREA??

I think ar, when we go overseas hor, anyhow take photo is also chio one leh. this picture is taken outside the minimart where we bought our milk from!

This is the weekday morning street of Korea! See see, anyhow take like this also nice right!

My sis attempt at selfie!

Today's itinerary is to go to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal for some crazy shopping!!! Eventhou its like totally not in the season to get summer clothings (cus its winter time), we still manage to find some summer clothings that is suitable to wear in Singapore!!

First of all, we settled for lunch at the restaurant located at Gangnam Express Station!! I had rabokki and kimchi ramyeon for my sister

 No photos of To-go mall but we spent like 3-4hrs shopping there! its just like 10x of Bugis street? We even bought korea style chopsticks and spoon back for my mum cus she requested for it! I still remember the funny incident lo!!

My sis saw this place selling the chopstick + spoon and she went in, then we begin to bargain and stuff and left the shop with 10 sets of chopstick + spoon wrapped in newspaper and stuff bur i cant rili remember the price now. Then 30mins later, we came across another shop selling 10 sets of chopstick + spoon at a CHEAPER price and WRAPPED NICELY in a box. so at first my sister say nvm lo, buy le jiu suan le. But she kept harping on it, like

Sis: Wah, just now we buy one more expensive hor. somemore is wrap in newspaper one leh. this one, inside the gift box, wrapped nicely and cheaper leh! i think mummy will like the wrapped one more leh. How ar?

Me: Ok la, i buy over from u ok? i give to my frens as souvenior then you go buy that one for mummy

Sis: *runs back to buy*

Spotted this christmas tree somewhere in to-go mall so just take a photo lo? HAHA!!

Its my turn!!! *jingle bell jingle bell*

After which we returned back to Cello Hotel to put our stuff, rest well and head out for dinner! Then we pass by auntie anne and my sis say she like!! so in we went!

The price is cheaper than Sg!

Then i spotted an odeng shop. and in case u dunno, I LOVE ODENG!

to the extend my sis complain to my mum that i mus eat odeng everyday there! LOL


*noms noms*

PARIS BAUGETTE!! Sis got a bread there for bf the nx day!

They have daiso there too!! i bought luggage strap and luggage lock there!! hehe

while exploring the streets of gangnam, we came pass this kimbap shop and it has loads of advertisement!! so in we went!

the korean words means: delicious kimbap

here is our beef kimbap!

Sis totally enjoying the kimbap!!


This is the poster outside the kimbap shop! do try if u ever walk pass!

Then we continue our search for a nice bbq place. my sister wanna dine in those authentic bbq place we usually see in dramas. those kinda we sit on those wooden floor and then bbq de

Its seoul university behind me!

Then from across the street we spotted this restaurant and my sis said: thats the one! So off we went!
Traditional boh?

So many koreannnnns

the very friendly ahjumma!

the waiter even help us take a photo tgt! he keep attending to us cus he wanna practice his english i think. and he thot that we're both from japan! WAHAHAHA

My sis took this super unglam photo of me. but...nvm!

Sis is having a good time bbq-ing

I know i look hot in my red long john! LOL

Look at the meat!!!!!! the meat there is really good eventhough its a tad expensive cus we are dining in Gangnam area. one person share is about 12000won? if u dine at other part of Korea, maybe it'll jus cost about 8000won??

the korean style yo~

Sis sit until leg cramp~~ ROFL

Sis say we both machiam wear couple wear so we just take a photo tgt! LOL!

The meal cost us 24000won but the money is really well spent la, they helped us bbq the meat, the meat is mad delicious and they even provide febreeze to let us spray on our jackets to get rid of the bbq smell!! hahaha

This is the shop!!!!

And here's the namecard (:

night street of korea!!

Saying goodbye to hotel cello cus its our last night here tonight! we decided to stay 2 nights at gangnam area and 3 nights at myeongdong (:


So that sorta end Day 3 in Seoul, Korea. Some tips for ya, do leave a day for shopping at to-go mall cus eventhou i spent like half a day there, i din even manage to cover all of the shops. majority of the clothings is going at 5000won or 10000won depending the shop. and i really had a great time shopping there la! hahaha~~

To-go mall is located at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 9. Just follow the sign and u will find it!

That's all for the second installment! The third installment will come soon! I promise!



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