Xiu's Trip to Korea Part 3 - Deoksugung & King Sejong Memorial Hall


Finally i have time to sit in front of the computer to continue blogging about my Korea trip in December 2013. Yes yes, im trying my best to clear out all my backlog.

Actually I realise I enjoying blogging about my trips leh, cus it sorta motivates me to take photos and by blogging down, it became a lasting memory for me!! So i will thrive to clear all my trip de backlog ok!! LOL!!

Here's the dayre link to Day 338 & Day 339 of Year 2013 (:
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Today is more of a sight seeing day. usually my sister and me will decide where shall we go the next day and we decide to cover the palace and insadong today cus its both within walking distance. Basically in Korea we walked alot and we travelled by foot majority of the time so that we can really immerse in the Korea lifestyle!

Checked out from cello hotel this morning to check in to kimchee myeongdong guest house!! This is martin, the manager!

Luckily the taxi uncle who drove us today is very nice. He used his gps and brought us to the doorstep of the guesthouse! And martin is v welcoming as well! He saw us trying to shift our luggage from below and he quickly offered his help to shift our heavy luggage from the first floor to the third floor. the only thing about this guesthouse is that its located on the third floor and there isnt any lift.

i did my booking via agoda =)

After settling down then we went around the explore already. the main reason for me choosing this place is cus its a mere 5min walk away from myeongdong!!!

After lunch I passed by this stall selling Kimbap and is featured in a lot of magazine de wor, so naturally i bought some to try! and the owner super on de leh, i asked for a photo and he readily posed! 

After that we walked to the cityhall station and saw these cute bear! and asked one friendly korean girl to help us take this photo! one of the rare sister photos ar

Then its my turn to do my favorite shots! Imitating the bear!

Its obvious wad colour my sister likes ar?

And its kinda obvious wad Im waiting for to? =P

This is one of the most beautiful railway station in Korea IMO!

There's also a lot of interesting stuff outside the station too!
Flower that can grow in the winter? And yes, im tiptoe-ing cus im too short -.-

Passed by the Seoul Metropolitan Library too! but i din go in lah~

Then my sister spotted something grand from afar and we ran all the way towards this troupe!

its the guard exchanging ceremony and this new batch of guards are waiting to cross the road!!!

Seems like we are being brought back into the past!

WOOOHOOOO! Im crossing the road with them!!!!

Those wearing yellow are the musicians i presume

The blue are the guardian?? LOL!

At the front gate of deoksugung palace!!

Got our entry tickets and in we went!
Come come, lets start the sightseeing trip around deoksugung palace!!!

This is the kinda scene that we will nv get to see in Singapore!

My pretty sister!!! (:

Sis and her signature pose again!

Then sis took this super unglam shot of me! LOL

Finally a nice pic (:

Love the tranquility of this place. We went on a weekday hence not much people is ard!

Actually i realise the layout of this palace is somewad similar to the layout of a typical china palace

Sis and me in matching outercoat!

Even the plaque and the delicate designs looks similar right?

an empty tree

love this shot of my sister!!

a close up shot!

their art museum i think. need to buy another entrance tix to enter so we din enter. LOL!

If u have watched ancient drama, u shld recognise this. and of cus, i chose to stand at the highest rank place la! HAHAHA

But i forgot is stand beside or behind so i stand at both place! LOL!!!

This is the main palace if im not wrong!

Selca again!!!!

Sister trying to push the bell!!

Hulk Xiu is out again!!!

And i found a sundial!!! i really think our ancestor are rili genius! to invent a sundial to keep track of time

Me trying to act demure here!! HAHAH!

For this pic, I have to climb down the whole flight of stairs so that my sis could take this shot!

Then while im down, I took this upward shot of her! HAHAHA

I like this shot alot. Got the autumn feel hor?

All the guards are back at their respective position!

So i went forward and took photo with one of the guard!

 Guess whose behind me???

My sis recognises this place! Runningman ever filmed here before but i couldnt rem lah~

My sis took this photo cus she finds it funny that a policeman is helping a tourist to take photo

Korea have King Sejong, we have LKY!

Another close up shot with King Sejong

I have to squat down to take this nice shot of sis

By accident, we chanced upon King Sejong Talking Hall. My sis actually spotted the entrance at the back of the King Sejong figurine. I actually walked past it without noticing lo, but my sharp-eyed sis spotted an entrance and beckon me to check it out. Boy was I glad that she spotted it cus its real fun inside! LOL!

The portrait of King Sejong!

An old tiger artwork

Do you know that King Sejong invented Hangul by watching the constellation from the stars! thus this piece of lovely art inside the memorial hall. but my face looks super overexposed here?

We were very lucky to bump into a kind old uncle who takes pride in korean culture. He literally brought us around the whole museum and takes effort to explain to us in layman korean wad the artefact is about. He even brought us to the Yi Sun Shin (a famous korean naval officer) memorial place!

There is a replica of the turtle-ship! According to wikipedia:

"One of Yi's greatest accomplishments was resurrecting and improving the turtle ship (거북선; 龜船). With his creative mind and the support of his subordinates, Yi was able to devise the geobukseon, or Turtle Ship. Contrary to popular belief, the turtle ship was not actually invented by Admiral Yi; rather, he improved upon an older design that had been suggested during the reign of King Taejong.
The turtle ships designed by Yi held eleven cannons on each side of the ship, with two each at the stern and the bow. The ship's figurehead was in the shape of a dragon. The figurehead itself held up to four cannons, and emitted a smokescreen that, in combination with its fierce appearance, was meant to be used as psychological warfare. The sides of the turtle ship were dotted with smaller holes from which arrows, guns, and mortars could be fired. The roof was covered with planks and spikes.[14] The purpose of the spikes was to prevent the ship from being boarded by the enemy. The larger Japanese ships' sides were higher than the turtle ships' and thus, the spikes prevented boarders from jumping down onto the roof without risking impalement. There were two masts that held two large sails. The turtle ship was also steered and powered by twenty oars, which were pulled by two men during fair conditions and five in combat situations."

my over-exposed face again!!

thats the uncle at the background (if i din remember wrongly wor) they even have hands on stuff for us to play with!

Xiu is busy shooting the ships down

There is also movies for us to watch wor! So that we can understand better (:

There is even a booth to write our name in hangul using calligraphy

My korean name!!!

My masterpiece ^.^

and guess wad!!! there is a FREE 4D ride!!! I really have to thank the uncle man. without him, we wouldnt have know about this part of the exhibit!

Mural of hangul!

After exploring/combing/playing at the King Sejong Memorial Hall, we continued our journey to Gyeongbokgung palace

Hehehe, bumped into another change over ceremony as well!

The head exchanging the duty time???

There is free guard costume cosplay too!! hehehe!

Sister guard!

The person super nice, keep helping us take photo

in all direction


Strong woman!

Its selfie time once again!!!

Found another guard and took pic with him again!! LOL!

Is that a lion???

HAHAHA!!! i took photo here like 3years ago? (July 2010) so here i am doing the same pose again
The stone statue below can be found at Insadong (walkable distance from Gyeongbokgung palace)

I rem 3 years ago, Xinyi brought me to this restaurant to have lunch there cus they have the special lunch bento box. So here i am, back again with my sister!!

Their signature cute doll!

Inside is full of paper where people can write their wishes on it. I did write some few years ago but i highly doubt that I can find it back la... haha

U see, even the ceiling is also full of papers!

My sis's emo shot! she requested for this

My sis de eyelash long hor??

i know i look fat here but nonetheless~~

Their special lunch box with seaweed soup!! U are suppose to cover the lid, hold properly then shake vigorously to mix the items tgt!!!

This is after mixing!!!

After filling our tummy, we went to the arts center at Insadong where there is this neoprint place which provides rental of free hanbok!!!

I chose this set of hanbok!! Pretty? LOL!

In a better lighting!

My sister chose a pink hanbok instead (:

On top of the insadong arts building! can u spot the giraffe at the back??

Ok, im still single so i need all the love i can get. HAHA

Korean version of long xu tang! the seller v funny, they rili can speak multiple language sia

Then we stop for some delicious road side still WHICH CANNOT BE FOUND IN SINGAPORE! WAHAHAHHA

This is sth like a pizza bar!

Those kinda tentage stall that u see in runningman!

My sis is so happy to find this!

This is nice tooooo!!

Im drooling now. shit

HEHE!! look at my sis de unglam face!!

Me eating like a boss~

She likes her food spicy~~~

Grilled chicken this time round!!


and this mountain tortoise nv see/press/walk past this kinda train before so she insisted that i needa take a photo for her

This is the downstairs of Kimchee myeongdong guesthouse!!!
2 hungry and cold soul decided to go to the mart nearby to fill up our stomach again!! LOL!!

Hello from 2 eskimo!

Solo shot sia~~~



OH YAH!!!! Our final neoprint product!!!!!! 

Chilling on the top of Kimchee Myeongdong Guesthouse!!!
Basically i just went to the convenience stall opposite and the stall owner introduced the 2 stuff above to me. Namely the most popular snack for female and the most popular drink! LOL!!!

Basically that pretty sums up Day 3 of my Korea Trip!


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