Charlton's First Birthday!

My old colleagues invited me to their son's first birthday! 

I was pretty happy to see them, yet felt a little awkward because we weren't that close... having not spoken for like, 2 years. We were okay-okay close during work since there were only a handful of us in the office. 

It turned out okay, I was socially awkward and spent a lot of time eating since I was there by myself.

Phew, major breath of relief when I spoke to 2 strangers there and found that they were chatty people! With that, time passed quickly.

No pics of the adorable kiddo because duh. It's not my child and I don't want to be the one asking if I can post his photos online when I'm not even that close to them anymore. 

I arrived at maybe noon, and left at 3pm. If part of growing up means that I've gotta attend social events alone, I don't like it. So that likely means that it is a part of growing up.

These photos are really good- not handphone good, but GOOD good.  <3 Hm, does everyone own a DSLR these days?

Oh, and I made a new tag for times when I have to socialize:

My regret for that day is that due to my bad time management, I didn't place my order with Baby Poko Shop to order their adorable baby clothing as a gift for Charlton! Not that Xiu needs my business la.

Baby Poko Shop is on:

And if you want to stay on blogger, view our previous blogpost on BabyPoko!

- Anna


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