Random Thoughts

I found this old video and thought it was hilarious! 

Think I watched this like, 3 years ago? Time really flies! I'm already turning 24, and I gotta start thinking about an internship to apply for because I graduate in Dec/Jan.

Unless I can't get the modules I need.

There's been many seniors who didn't manage to graduate because the classes were full. This is what I get for studying in a private uni in Singapore.

Anyway, I just got a Macbook and wow, it's so hard to use since I've always been a Windows user!

That's fine, actually.

My concern is that I need to learn all sorts of techy things to get e.g. Parallel, MS Office, Photoshop, etc. Can I just pay someone to do it all for me? I won't mind getting a part time job just to pay someone to do it so that I don't accidentally break my new laptop! O.O

Geez Macbooks are so expensive. I'm investing in one because my last 2 laptops spoiled really fast (suay maybe), and I hope Macbooks are of better quality.

- Anna


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