Xiu's Trip to Korea Part 4 - Trick Eye Museum + Ice museum!!

Hello!! Now to my favourite part of the Korea Trip! Basically its just like a tour around Hongdae area!! We are going to the Trick Eye Musuem!!!

Whats the hype right? Singapore also have trick eye museum wad.....BUT! the thing is when i when there last last dec, trick eye haven come sg yet!! LOL!!!

Featuring my OOTD inside the MRT station!

Another clearer shot!!! More of the school girl style yo~

Knowing that my cousin, Lijun, simply adore mister donut, I die die have to gek here by taking a photo with her favourite mister donut! Muhahahha.

But sadly, the shop is no longer there liao le~

Mister donut and their cute mascot!

Dun bother searching for this already, it has already been replaced by another restaurant =(

I specially asked for the mister donut packaging to bring back to give Lijun lo. wad a good cousin i am right?

Me at the bustling street of Hongdae!

In short, Hongdae is really lively and bustling cus there's quite a few prestigious university nearby!

Another famous iconic place is Hongdae is the Hello Kitty Cafe, but i din go la. Everything inside is Hello Kitty Themed so you can expect Hello Kitty-ish pricing too eh?

But I have to admit that the exterior is nicely furnished as well!!

There's their menu!

Another to-go place is the cat restaurant and those person who knows me personally all knows that i dislike cats! Reason being i was being chased by one cat all the way from the coffeeshop to my hse when im like....8 years old? But truthfully speaking, the 'animal stench' can already be smelt when im just outside the door, even without entering.

So cat-lovers out there, this place is like heaven to u guys!

This is a entrance to one of the restaurant i think?

Spotted this cute dog resting inside a shop selling bags!! couldnt resist myself again so i asked for permission from the owner to take a photo with it!

HEHE!! Entering the trick eye museum. Did some internet research before that and I managed to print out the discount for trick eye musuem entrance!! *yippppeeeee*

Is that a 'real note' on the floor?? Hmmmm

 The first art piece upon entering! and yes, im escaping criticism!!

My sis just looks like a Hanoi lady! LOL!

Take 2

My turn!

Basically, i dunno how to play violin. HAHA

Save me~~~ im falling!


Xiu on the carousell!


Call me the cheater queen!

Its picnic time folks!

Money money money~~

Thanks for ur roses!!!

The butterfly xiu!

 hope my belly doesnt grow anymore man!


seeking shelter in the rain!

save me from the monster fish plsssss~

Up Up Up we go!

Panda Xiu!

Hulk Xiu

Geisha Xiu

Having tea with your royal highness

Hmmm, why so *****?

Muscle Xiu
Cupid Xiu
Sidenote: cupid ar cupid, ask my white horse faster come leh

Flasher Xiu

Obama is my fren ok! Mai siao siao ar

 Actually there's more photos but its still in my HP, so mayb i'll post it nx time?

When exiting for the trick eye museum, we need to pass through a mirror maze before we can get out. Look at the pic below, how i know where's where?

And the moment i got out, i got grabbed by him!!

Hehe, here comes the special part. Singapore have trick eye museum right? But im sure they dun have the ice museum!! WAHAHAHA

So lemme share with u the legendary ice museum!! LOL!!!


Basically, inside the ice museum is even colder than the temperature outside! the snowman all damn cute right?

I entered the igloo to find a fire!!!

My sis is too taller thus she have some difficulty maneuvering around the igloo! LOL

There's a fat xiu trying to squeeze her way out of the igloo!

And i can assure you that the walls are damn cold as well!

a selca my sis took when she is moving out via the small tunnel too!

a bear-chair?


Rudolph the red nose reindeer~~ nono, the ice reindeer!

wads Lamborghini? im in a ice car!

Angel of Ice - Xiu

There's even a coffin inside!! LOL

Vampire Xiu

A dog house!!! And yes, I gos-tan my way inside. Lucky i manage to get out if not i'll prolly freeze to death inside! hahaha

my sis finds it totally amusing thus the close up shot!

Artistic Xiu on a ice piano

a ice fireplace to get some warmth?

 Xiao long nv on her ice bed (im born in the year of dragon ok~~~)

Its damn freezing cold but for the sake of a nice photo! Endure!

And my sis keep running ard the place to take photo and ask me to continue lying there. hahaha

Close up again!!! Hope my wu-gong has improved tremendously after a few minutes of lying on the ice bed!

This time round its a ice sofa!

My sis time to horn her wu-gong!!

One of her std pose! LOL!!

Can u see wads this? Its a ice toilet with a......poop inside!

And i saw the pooooooop!

a cosy ice kitchen!!!

and there's a gigantic ice slide!!!!

Lucky my ass isnt that big, so i still can take the slide!! LOL!

a freezed vampire

She looks so intimidating, while I look...hmmmm... comical??

After visiting both place, we were both hungry...so its time for our snack!!


Got the frosty effect anot ar? Basically the lense is clearing up cus its too cold inside the ice museum!

Very dreamy de effect hor?? HAHAHA!!

Then  i went to the toilet and saw....

More exploring of hongdae and came across this spicy chicken
Saw this street food and is tempted to try! So we order one spicy chicken, the medium level.
My sis zodiac is chicken!
And this chicken is so spicy tt our tongue is BURNING! I couldnt even finish the last pc of chicken cus its too spicy! We went ard to look for drinka immediately and was so excited when we saw banana milk! Our tongue felt much better after drinking the banana milk!!
A random street while walking from hongdae to sinchon! We walk alot here!!!
Saw this shop selling churros and i went right in! Yes, i like churros!
Yummy! This cost me 2500won!
Its churros time!!
Ohm nom nom
Had dinner here!!! But i forgot to take the pic of the kimchi pork rice!!
Here is the beancurd sushi!
The mini udon!
A selca of me in the restaurant!!

The eye makeup that clio stuff did for me. I can nv attain tt level of makeup skills!

we went dongdaemun n was super disappointed. In short, they see that we r chinese n quote us sky high price. When we dun buy, then even ask why. Faints.

thats all for day 4!!


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