An old shoot with mom- warning: cringe worthy!

I was sorting through photos, and found some old ones that my mom took for me when we were trying to sell off some clothes that I didn't wear. 

This highlights how much the lighting in my house sucks, and also is cringe worthy, but hey, I'm going to enjoy how young and alive I looked before I fell sick! Yes I do feel like I look dead these days.

Idk how professional models do it, or maybe it's because they have help from people and hair stylists right on the spot, but my hair got so messed up after a few changes hahahaha

We were even trying to sell off some of my mom's bags!

These photos were posted on some blog on when I was in polytechnic, which was like, 6 years ago? My friend sent me a text to say LOL and out of embarrassment, I think I deleted the photos and blog shortly after. I do remember that I named it after my mom's then-obsession with a game, Bejeweled.

There are some other outfits, which made me realize that wow, my clothes were more revealing back then! Thanks to bad measurements posted on online shops, so many things looked so much skimpier on me than when portrayed on the shops' models! Damn why did I insist on wearing them anyway?? hahaha

- Anna


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