My first staycation!

I spent the day sorting out my photos and my backup photos, I'm not quite done but thought I'd stop for now and blog about the staycation!

This post doesn't accurately describe the stay because well, I didn't have many photos. My friends were all in it. Anyway...

We stayed at Equarius Hotel, Sentosa! It was such an awesome stay, but not because of the hotel, no, it was because of the fun friends I was with! We surprised someone who had a birthday recently,  had a night time dance party right in our room, just for the heck of it. 

No one really knew how to dance, or even do those relaxed wiggly moves that people call free-styling (usually seen in clubs, I suppose-), so at some parts, it seemed like an aerobic dance party. Still loads of fun, though! 

Here's the view I got from the hotel room, it was just level 8 but it wasn't half bad, since we all took one look and went off to laze around the room lol.

I don't really have pictures of the hotel room because it was kind of a mess by the time I got there. I checked in later than my friends because I forgot to charge my phone, and I needed some juice to use Google Maps since I was driving. 

The only photos I have of the room are my selfies! I don't usually post photos of my friends without asking them. ^^

My friend and I took pics at the lobby again because of the awesome backdrop, and because our other friends were handling check out. 

Yea but idk, the hotel wasn't too great. Unexpectedly, half the group had aunt flow visiting so we couldn't go to the pool, then we realized that there isn't much else to do there. Not much facilities. 

So here's the stuff we found out that wasn't so great about Equarius:
- No free WiFi
- Must pay extra if we wanted breakfast
- Only one free exit from the carpark (but no one tells you that, you'll only know when you see that you were charged)

Totally unrelated selfie to show off my first ever blowout for my hair, and to break up the paragraphs! LOL

Thank goodness some of the staff members were pretty nice. We had to ask twice, got rejected, but in the end, they surprised us all with a basket of fruits (dragonfruit, mango, pears and grapes) and a lovely chocolate cake, for having a birthday girl in the room!

Take note, though, if you want a birthday surprise like that, make sure the birthday falls within the period of stay, or you might not get it.

There's a lovely dude in the back office who decided that the hotel would reimburse me for the $11 parking that I got charged for. I was there for like, 2 hours or something, idk. I'm not mad about the $11, but at the front desk who blamed me for it. 

He told me that I should've asked about how the complimentary parking works instead of assuming that guests of the hotel don't get charged. There's so many other ways to tell me that you don't want to give me back my $11! Now idk what other ways, but I'm sure there's ways that don't involve blaming anyone.

Oh well. I'm happy anyway. It was a nice stay.

- Anna


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