#Familytime at Sembawang Park

My parents and I went to Sembawang Park a few months ago. It was actually quite pleasant to walk around in the early morning in an actual park! Like, with trees and all. :p

I didn't realize there was a "beach". The "sea breeze" was so refreshing!

My dad was most interested in the jetty for some reason. He headed straight for it. Can you believe this is at Sembawang Park??

My parents were totally game for some photos!

Not sure why my dad was also so interested in that thing on the left side of the photo above. It looks like some oil rig thing. In fact, he wanted a photo with it!

On the other hand, my mom was practically screaming with joy at the fishes she saw in the waters. I don't see it, or them. I really don't. Do you see anything in the photos below?

Just ignore how gross the water looks.

And of course, I wanted to take ootd attempts hahaha

I very much prefer these photos of my parents being their usual cute selves though!

Bye from my mom and I (dad was in the washroom- code word for smoking)!

- Anna


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